U9 Task 5 – Presentation of Idea


Here is the PowerPoint presentation that I used to present my ideas and our group ideas for the Teaching in Education Project.

Here is the video clip of my presentation below:

Looking back at my presentation I think that honestly my presentation skills are awful. I was so nervous and worried that people will judge me with my ideas that I sort of closed up and didn’t explain things as much as I could have done. Overall, I think that I have many good ideas that would work that are written on the PowerPoint but the physical vocal presentation was horrendous. My presentation skills are something that I really need to work on, and I will do this by vocalising my ideas out loud to as many people as I can and as often as I can.

Looking back at the rest of my class’ presentations here are my thoughts on their presentations and ideas:

Tom Barber – Looking back at the idea ‘ Around the world in 80 Steps’ with 8 characters was really interesting. He thought about the different roles that people would have when taking part in the idea. Lower Band KeyStage 2, about geography. I really liked how the different characters had a different set place where they came from. Simple iconic costume ideas that would transform the characters was a really good idea. The culture, the language, teaching them a little about maths or other words in that language would be good. The call and response technique was a really good thing to think about because it would be a way to teach quickly and efficiently. For the workshop idea, the globe idea is a good idea but I don’t think we would be able to use that because there will be a lot of children there that don’t understand much about the world and don’t know where certain places are and they wouldn’t learn where the places are because the writing is really small and there are so many children there that they wouldn’t be able to see it.

Overall, a really good idea. I think that the geography side of the idea is original and its something that we can adapt to. I also thought that we could do this idea under the influence of the film ‘The Truman Show’ where there could be two little boys who are home alone and they are bored and they want to explore their new house, they go down to the basement and find a suitcase with different ‘props’ in and each time they try something on and look into the mirror they meet historical characters and learn more about a certain culture or language…etc.

Scott Truin – I think that out of all of the ideas that were raised, parts of Scott’s were my favourite. I like how he thought of specific stories that already exists to come up with his own story. We thought about all the different parts of the story including, budget, workshop, facts and figures, song ideas…etc. He decided to combine two fairy tales together. This confused me a little because I don’t know how you could mix the story of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and ‘The Boy who cried Wolf’ because they are two completely different stories. Scott thought in depth about where he could get certain props from and thought outside the box which I was intrigued by. The morals, maths, English and science for me is a little too much information. I think that we should all focus on at least one thing rather than talking too much about all the different topics that they are learning about because it can become quite confusing for our audience. I liked the idea with using mathematics which the sheep and the Velcro idea. Having something physical to look at to count with the children would be better than just counting. I also liked the idea of the pantomime ‘He’s behind you’ which is included in the wolf story when the wolf is behind one of the characters because it would interact with the audience.

Sian Davis – I really liked the idea of a T.V show, a little like blind dating. The idea that Sian has brought could link up with Tom’s in a particular way. She really thought in depth about all the things that need to be considered when coming up with a teaching in education structure. She went through all of the things that we had already done which was interesting to look back on because there are some ideas that we had originally that we could use and adapt on. The idea of using sweets to engage the audience is a good idea, considering that she has a younger brother that she has asked opinions from him was really good. Landscapes and Climates is something that all schools teach and so I think that the topic is something that can be really good and well thought out. Thinking about adapting our language for the age group is something that I hadn’t thought about before and I have realised how important that it is so they can understand everything we are talking and teaching them about. Again, call and response is a key idea that we have all spoken about that we are most definitely going to use in our final project.


Sophia Lerigo – I can’t find the video evidence of Sophia’s idea however I think that she had some really good ideas. She based her idea on something that we have already looked at before in class which is ‘Snuffle the Hedgehog’ The topic that we looked at for this story was science which included different materials and their properties and we just made a story that would be presentable to children which would be interesting and memorable.



One thought on “U9 Task 5 – Presentation of Idea”

  1. To evaluate how strong I felt my idea was, having seen the others present their ideas I think personally that my idea was one that was generally thought through rather than thought through on one specific topic. I don’t feel that my idea was fully developed comparing to Scott’s idea that involved fairy tales and the type of education values that would be taught to the children in the audience. My idea was a general thought which came from suggestions about different ideas. I don’t think I really understood the concept of what I had to suggest and to what extent. My top preference at the time was Scott’s and Sian’s because their idea was well thought out and to a level that mine wasn’t at the time.
    The reason I liked Sian’s idea was the concept of audience participation and the way she decided to make the ending a happy ending, the importance of leaving the performance on a high for the children to feel good and not look back at the performance thinking about how sad it was at the end. We want to children to see the content in the performance including the facts, certain ways of learning, understanding how others learn around them…etc. I think she did really well to present her idea too, her presentation skills are something that I can learn from.
    As for Scott’s idea I really liked how he focused on Morals rather than an academic learning perspective. The way he used fairy tales, which the majority of the children will know to teach them something they are struggling with was really good. I loved the sheep idea, using some mathematics in counting. It’s like a lullaby in one of the children’s storybooks that I used to read when I was little.
    Therefore if I was to perform his idea then I would know how to relate to it and it’s something that the audience would also relate to. We could also ask the children at the start of the performance which is their favourite fairy tale and what they like to watch on television, or if they have seen any theatre recently to engage the children and make sure we have audience participation during, before and even maybe after we have performed.


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