3 – ‘The Champion’ Carman

For my third idea I thought about originally making a song into a speech for someone to speak who is easy to listen to and to understand. I thought that Harry Ladell would be a great choice for this because he uses his voice so very well and the emotions are there when you direct him. I chose the song ‘The Champion’ because it talks about the fight between the ultimate Good and Evil. The Lord Jesus has already won over the devil but he doesn’t know that. This demonstrates how we should live, over the devil and talk over ourselves how the Lord thinks of us, rather than listening to all the lies of the world and Satan.

I would set this up as a monologue or change it around a little so it would be two people speaking and have one playing God and the other Satan.


“Trolled by demons, Satan ascended from Hell. Then

Satan cringed, the sinners groaned! The demons reeled

in pain as a swell of power like silent thunder rolled.

With a surge of light beyond intense, illuminating the

universe, In resplendent glory appeared the Son of


The section above is one of my favourite parts in the song/monologue. It talks of the winner, Jesus. He has already won and he is graceful about it and asks us to learn from this and it’s really encouraging.


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