Practical – 05.12.16

For todays practical lesson I think that we were very productive. We went through all of the songs to our performance to make sure they are ready. We still are yet to write the melody/tune for the Paris song however we have all the lyrics that Sophia has written. Considering that we all made a deadline for ourselves and we had separate jobs we all completed them and they were all on time apart from Tom’s sections, but that was okay because it was the ending and everyone wanted to chip in so I took over and helped him. I finished off the story and read it out multiple times to my group until they were satisfied with what I had written.

I am really proud of myself and I feel like I am really focused a lot of the time and especially in this area of skills. Having been working with children from Foundation to Key stage 6 it has really helped me to see into the children’s minds and identify what would be better for them to watch and listen and what we should avoid.


One thought on “Practical – 05.12.16”

  1. Jess, expand a bit why you have this inside knowledge about children – I know, but anyone coming across this website and also the UAL external moderator will have no idea what you are referring to. Be specific about what insights you have gained and how these could translate to the TiE project you are working on.


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