U12 – WEEK 13

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by for this rehearsal period. From the beginning of the rehearsal and research tasks for the project I never thought that we would be as organised and unorganised all at once. I have so much planned for the next two days that we have before the show Wednesday night through to Thursday.

Monday 22nd May 2017 –

This morning after registration we had a discussion with all the Year 2’s (minus the Techies because they had Bonnie and Clyde get out) about pages 18 – 27 where there is a gap with no performances and just dialogue. We had to think logically and how we were going to resolve this; should we change the script around a little or should we keep it how it is? The reason for this discussion was because Lynn found the fault and didn’t know whether or not it was planned or not. A cabaret club is where there is loads of acts, music and performances of different kinds and the 7 pages between page 18 and page 27 is just dialogue between the different characters.

Dramaturgically I personally don’t think it needs to be solved because our stimulus is ‘Saints and Sinners’ and not about whether or not we are able to produce a cabaret club. Instead we will keep it the way it is so they are focused more on character depth and the audience will be able to see the relationship between each other characters develop in front of their eyes.

The decision was made at the end of the discussion was that we wouldn’t be changing the script because there was no need and the space that was given to us would be used for characterization pieces.

Later in the day Chloe, Sophia, Faye and myself were with Helena in E0.44 where we were able to rehearse some more for  Bring on the men. This was really helpful on certain parts of the routine that I didn’t know about. Sophia and Chloe had to leave half way through however Zoe and myself carried on and we went through the whole dance three more times. The reason why I wanted so much to keep going with this dance is because I haven’t had the time all week like the rest of the girls because I have been in Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals the previous week and they haven’t; in that time they added extra little details and movements that I didn’t originally learn. Having Zoe to also dance the opposite side to me informed me about how it will be in the real performance on stage. A little worry that I have about the performance is the spacial awareness of the dancers. We have been rehearsing the dance in E0.44 which is extremely wide and we have had tons of space to rehearse and dance in but the theater space that we will have is a lot smaller than I think we all realize. We will see when we go through it for the first time in the theater.

Today I was also asked to send over the lyrics to Leah for all the songs that I am singing within the show so they are able to print them and place them in the stage manager script for props and cues…etc.

The ticket situation so far is as follows: (These screenshots have been taken by Lucy Peaceful)

Tuesday 23rd May 2017 –

Today was the tech and costume run through from 11:30am. At the beginning of the day there was a matter that had to be talked about sensitively but yet had to be talked about due to the depth. For one of the pieces that was involved with the cabaret show ‘Talking to Terrorists’..well there was a terrorist attack in Manchester at a concert, killing 22 people. The majority that were aimed were children, including a young 8 year old girl. The tutors and everyone in the cast for the show Saints and Sinners felt it would be too soon for those listening in the audience to have to watch someone act as a terrorist and try to justify himself. It just didn’t seem right. Unfortunately for Lou and James, this affect their piece however it was quickly resolved and so they are now doing a sketch about being in Hell instead. This is a little more of a lighthearted topic and wouldn’t make anyone in the audience quite as uncomfortable.

As for the tech and costume run, I really enjoyed seeing all the costumes once again and the MIC PLAN IS MY FAVORITE PART OF ANY SHOW. To me, it just feels real when the mics are placed on your clothing. However, I do feel that when we did run the show in stages (the lighting and sound had to be figured out through the run because the techies have had no time to do so until now due to Bonnie and Clyde show) I feel that I missed so many different cues that I need to hear to know when I am coming onto the stage. Thinking back, if we had relay in E0.44 we would be able to hear the cues that we need before either a costume change or understanding the time we need individually to get onto the stage in time for particular pieces. As for my costume change, we recorded how long it would take for my to have my costume change done and it was a complete and utter fail; it was hilarious. There was absolutely no way that I was going to be able to make it back on stage in time. Therefore, we thought about how we could resolve this and as I said before, we are adding in a little section between Sian and Tom and so he can sing to her about her beauty. This gives me enough time to change and enter the ‘club’ and then he can start vamping over our dialogue.

-Tuesday 25 April 2017

Above are the notes that Lynn has written up for the tech and dress yesterday afternoon.

After a night of waiting for YouTube to download the footage for our tech and dress it has finally uploaded the first Act and so I will soon be watching it back and writing notes for my self to make sure that I don’t mess up in the real show tonight.



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