Group – Singing Theory


For our singing theory lesson we looked at song from Avenue Q because it’s a ‘kids song’ and so therefore Paul thought it would help if we learnt a piece that would give us the ideas that we could use for our pieces when we have to write songs for ourselves. I can’t wait to learn a new skill and look into writing new songs for children, I love writing songs but my previous songs that I have written are sad and soulful rather than upbeat and simple and I don’t have many words that are repeated. Although my songs and the songs that I will write for the children will have ‘rhyming words’ in common and some other characteristics. I think this will be easier for myself and Tom because we are more experienced in writing songs in our group so it seems.

There was only  6 of us in the lesson today because Beth is sick and Chloe has left Musical Theatre and switched to Dance which is a shame and therefore we are all having to recover quickly from not having her there with us.

Here is the recording that I got when we were practising the Avenue Q song.
We then went into detail about song writing and Paul gave us some tips that he thought would help us. In my opinion I think they really did help and it emphasised what he had originally said about song writing and what we need to include in a children’s song.

Next, we brainstormed ideas about what Key Stage 1 would be learning about. Due to Sian and Daytona having younger brothers, it was a lot of help with them knowing their brothers stimulus’.

Here is the picture of all the ideas that we brainstormed upon.

After this we picked the most likely idea that would be taught in a school and we picked Romans. Our phrase was ‘What have the Romans ever done for us’

We watched a scetch that Paul found on YouTube and showed it to all of us in the class. It was comical. Comedy is a key aspect that we can include in our song.

Here is our second brainstorm for the Romans.

We have decided that I will focus on ‘Flushing Toilets and sewers’ and if I run out of ideas I can look at the other things that other members of the group are looking at.

We are going to brainstorm on each of these things and report back to the group Next Tuesday when we are with B.

We looked at what Key Stage 1 pupils are studying. As Sian and Daytona have younger brothers in that age category they really helped with ideas. We brainstormed some ideas about what they would be studying. Here is a photo that I took of our ideas.

Here is a quick list of all the things that we talked about:

  • Internet Security
  • Learning about Christianity
  • History – Romans, Hadreans Wall, Roman numerals, Stories, Roman Empire
  • Problem Solving
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Music – Instruments’ names, battle chants
  • French – Alphabet, Household items
  • The parts of your body (heads, shoulders, knees and toes)
  • Maths – Numerals, Pacing of time
  • English – Fables, Roman Stories
  • Science – Function of the digestion system in animals and humans
  • P.E – Dance and Gymnastics
  • Handwriting and spelling, learning different ways to say words

We then picked one of these topics that would be most likely to be help for the children and did some research. Our catch phrase was ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’

Here is the photo that we took of our primary research –

Here is list of all the things on the primary research:

  • Straight roads
  • Ditches dug to wash away the water
  • Flushing toilets and sewers
  • Central Heating
  • Concrete
  • Aquaducts
  • New words – Words in which were originated from Latin

We have decided to split each of these topics into the 6 of us in our group. I have been picked to look at Flushing toilets and sewers, because there isn’t much to look at for this I will also look a little into the other ones, just to help along with research. For the next two weeks we wont have Paul to take our lessons because he has work outside of college and so therefore we will have Brigitta.