Tap – 28.11.16

Today I was unable to dance because my teacher had told me it would be best to not do anything this physical until next week because of how ill I have been and how the hospital nurses have told me not to.

So they have changed the dance music to ‘footloose’ which is a fun and lively piece that will motivate all of us to stay in time and get all of our steps right. Here is a YouTube clip to advertise the song that we are now using.

I really like how the music goes with snippets of our dance already choreographed. They have learnt some more of the new dance that I am not currently in but I will soon be taught what I should be doing in that dance piece.

Sarah had to leave early so she put me in charge of making sure that everyone did work and that they completed a 4 bar choreographed routine from the words written on the dance board based on tap moves.


One thought on “Tap – 28.11.16”

  1. Jess, How did you find being put in charge? Did your peers respect your role? Did they achieve the task set them by Sarah? Did they work in a focused way? What were the steps written down that Sarah wanted them to incorporate? What have you learnt from watching them work?


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