Ballet – 18.10.16

Today we started on barre and did some foot and ankle exercises so that we would be able to move around freely without hurting ourselves.

The majority of the lesson was spent on barre and the other use of time was spend in the centre of the room looking at core ballet positions and petite allegro.

Here are the photos that I took of the techniques and movements that we used during the lesson time:

I feel like I was picking up the sequences easier and more efficiently today. I have started doing ballet lessons on Monday nights as well as tap dancing and the first session has really helped me with identifying the moves and techniques.

I really enjoyed looking at enchainment soubresaut. I had to really focus on the footwork and looking at what my arms need to do to benefit the movement so that I can go faster. An issue that I had with this move was spotting, I was thinking so much about my legs and arms that I completely forgot about looking where I was going and became very dizzy.


One thought on “Ballet – 18.10.16”

  1. Jess, just clarifying the end part of your statement it was a ‘petit allegro enchainement’ which contained the jump known as ‘changement’ where you start with one foot in front of the other but when you jump you swap them over so the other foot lands in front and the jump known as ‘soubresaut’ which starts the same as the ‘changement’ but lands with the feet back exactly where they were.


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