U12 – WEEK 11

Monday 8/5/17 –

After dance classes this morning Tom, Sophia and I decided to have a rehearsal period focusing on ‘Poisoned Apple’ which is what we worked on with Bethany last week on Friday where we were given harmonies to work on. I assumed that Sophia had rehearsed her harmony and therefore was confused and a little frustrated when we went through the piece and she kept forgetting the melody.

Tom has learnt the chords really well considering the sequence is so hard to figure out from the video on YouTube because the vocals are heightened a lot more than the guitar. Tom’s musicianship is so great that he generally thought what chord would work best after the previous chord. This therefore allowed the piece of music to work dynamically and the chords corresponded with what we were singing for the majority of the song. I say the majority of the song because some of the chords were chosen to have a subtle harmony to the song.

Here is the recording for the rehearsal which contains the third run through of the song and Lynn listening:

The feedback from Lynn was really encouraging and I was really confident with what myself and Tom’s performance. What Lynn suggested to both Sophia and I was to make sure that you are singing out loud rather than holding in the sound and making it really quiet. Performing in a small room also doesn’t help because we will get used to singing quietly to fill the space in that particular room. The reason why I was singing quietly was because I wanted to give Sophia a chance to get the notes right because it is really alarming having someone singing a completely different harmony to you loudly in your ears why you are trying to concentrate. Overall, Lynn thought it was lovely and she said it will be a beautiful piece by the time we perform it in the show. I agree with this, with the time we have left to practise, I personally think that is enough time to perfect this piece.

Once Lynn had left Tom and I decided to help Sophia with the melody and making sure that she doesn’t slip on the notes or sound slightly out of tune. A technique that both Tom and I use is smiling and raising our eyebrows a little to make sure the position of our faces are correct so we are able to sing the notes without any trouble. Tom explained to Sophia that there are two types of smiles, one that is just smiling because ‘tom has told me to; and the other where you are genuinely smiling because Tom made her laugh. Once she smiled and we sang through her verse through to the end it worked and she sounded so much brighter when before it sounded a little dull.

We all arranged on Friday evening that we would meet at 11:30 in the dance studio on Monday to discuss what we are planning to do for the last two weeks of rehearsal before we finish everything for the show.

The trailer has been made by Harry who has collected the separate pieces and shots and put it together with the original version of ‘Sway’ sung by Dean Martin. Here is the trailer below:

The above trailer does not open due to copyright. The video is also private on Harry’s account and so therefore I am not allowed to use it as evidence on WordPress. However, I have another trailer which is the first trailer we made before the discussion about making another one. I will link that trailer below instead. The trailer below was the first draft and so there were elements that were not as professional as we made the end trailer to be. There is a lot of difference between the first and the last and it’s a shame that I can’t put the evidence on here.

Considering all of the points that were raised with the trailer issue the first time it was discussed with Lynn, it has come a long way. The trailer is now easy to understand, the details are all clear and it has a strong message. However, if I was in charge of the trailer I would have included some footage of rehearsals that have been done throughout the process of this project so far. I feel that the trailer above doesn’t give everyone justice with all the hard work that has been put into the show so far. Also, considering the music  that has been used for the background of this trailer I don’t think it really has much of a benefit to the piece. I would have thought that the song ‘Rebel’ would have been used because it is the basis of our project. The lyrics of the song ‘Rebel’ says “I’m a saint, I’m a sinner…” which shows that the characters in the production change throughout and they may even feel a little uncertain about who they think they are by the end of the show.

As for the copyright issue, Scott and I discovered that due to Harry not listing in the YouTube description that he is not in possession on this music and it is not his original music there is a chance that those who own YouTube may take this off due to copyright rules. Harry saw the comments that were suggested about the trailer and took the critisim on board and it now toning down the volume for ‘Saint Jimmy’ and finding some music that doesn’t have the copyright issue. I suggested using ‘Rebel’ because I wasn’t sure whether or not this would be an issue regarding copyright.

Tuesday 9/5/17 –

Today I have put my mind to so many different elements of the project disciplining myself meaning a lot was accomplished. After choir this morning I went straight the dance studio with Scott and Chloe to work on the choreography for ‘Hellfire’. I love this song and I can’t wait until I get this dance perfect and have the right tone of ‘seduction’ because that is what is needed from the character I am playing here. From 10:30 – 12:15 we choreographed the piece and I was chuffed when we had finally finished it. Considering that the deadline for the pieces to be completed is Friday for the stumble run through I think this has really set me straight and I understand what I need to do and urgently. I don’t want to be that student who doesn’t bother. I really care about what I do and I will do all I can to make it better.

We discussed the type of microphone that we thought that Scott was wearing. I personally thought that he would be singing with a hand held mic, generally because he is singing so loudly and it would make sense if he was so there wasn’t a chance that the character head microphones will be damaged with the noise. Typically, because Scott is singing this song as his character and not a performer in the cabaret it was said that he would be having a headset. As for my ‘Angels and Demons’ song I thought that I would be singing this as a character song but due to the volume, the dance happening at the same time I decided it would be better if I was the performer at the cabaret club. My name will still be Fern as I am a different character compared to my seductive soul ‘Scarlet’.

I will link the video of the choreographed piece and first run through below:

After my ballet lesson we had half an hour to work on ‘Bring on the men’ choreography and I was so thankful for the opportunity to work on it. There was a little confusion about the piece of music that we are to use for the backing track. Arguments were raised about this due to the mishap and misunderstanding about the bought track. What happened was Lou kindly bought the ‘Bring on the men’ backing track for the dancers and soloists to perform to in the show however it was the wrong version. We didn’t want to be rude and so we decided that the last thing we wanted to do was change this track and buy another one because that would be plain rude. So after discussion about this and people were talking horrible things about one another, I stayed out of it because I hate arguments because they make me really uncomfortable. Anyway, the end result was that we would be keeping the track and working with it. We solved the issue by listening to the track which is as follows; and because Paul was in today we went straight to him to cut sections of the track to make it work for the dancers and we will have to change the majority of the dance. This is really frustrating for me because I had just learnt all of the routine that was originally formed however I am resilient and I don’t let anything get to me too much so I was confident and told the dancers how it was going to be and how we were going to deal with it.

Backing track – Bought by Lou – Whole Track

Bring On The Men

URL – file:///Users/tech/Downloads/Bring%20On%20The%20Men%20EDIT%209%EF%80%A25%EF%80%A217.mp3

Backing track – Bought by Lou – Cut Track

URL – file:///Users/tech/Downloads/Jekyll_&_Hyde_Bring_On_The_Men(Instrumental_Version_(Without_backing_vocals))_100450.mp3

Paul and Helena came into the dance studio to see how we were getting on with the track and the choreography and at this point in the process, not very good. The dancers are just sitting around not doing anything and the music is so slow for the dancers that we have to start thinking about new choreography. Beth, Sian and Emma were all unavailable for this rehearsal even though they said they would be there, I was singing through the piece myself, struggling to be honest because it was the first couple of times I had heard the song and the lyrics. After at least 4 times going through it I felt comfortable and I started to relax into the piece.

At 3 o’clock, knowing that I had Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals I spoke to Gary in advance and asked him whether or not I would be able to miss some of the rehearsal to go through and choreograph this piece because it is my Final Major Project after all. (FMP)

Wednesday 10th May 2017 –

  • Bring on the men – Dance choreography done, lyrics learnt, harmonies need to be worked upon.
  • Hellfire – Dance choreography done, decided to go in for the kiss at the end of the piece to heighten the idea of lust and temptation.
  • Poisoned Apple – Lyrics learnt, harmonies learnt, guitar instrumental and chords done… Sophia and I need to go through this a little more so she feels comfortable when she is singing her harmony over mine.
  • Rebel – Learnt the lyrics, learnt the piano part, split harmonies.

As arranged this week we had a time slot where we had a Rebel rehearsal in E0.44 which the full company. I will link the videos below.

This rehearsal really gave an insight to how much or little work still needs to be done for this piece. From mine and Tom’s perspective we have sorted the chords out between both the guitar and the piano part and therefore will just keep practising together to make sure it’s perfect but generally we are on the ball. As for the sections that are split I think that everyone has done a fantastic job on learning all the lyrics and their melodies that they are to sing. As the for the timings for the round section I was so surprised with the effort and how well it sounded with everyone singing at once.

We blocked the staging for this finale during the time we had in E0.44. Knowing that everyone had dedicated their time to go through this and learnt it ready for the stumble run on Friday it was lovely to know that people will put the effort in and we all really care about getting a good grade by the end of this year which is coming for us quickly. In a previous show last year I played ‘Thea’ in ‘Spring Awakening’ and the finale song ‘Purple Summer’ and what we did was walked on the stage group by group as we sung through the song until finally we are all on stage, looking out to the audience to break the fourth wall and singing as a full group. I thought this would be a great idea to use considering that I know that it works for an ending as I have done it before. However, instead of lining up at the end of the song which is something that I had suggested, we are going to stay looking out and sing to the audience, it will then black out and then we will line up in the blackout and take our bows once the lighting is back on us.

Before the full company rehearsal I was practising all of my pieces to make sure I understood what I need to still work on before Friday’s stumble run. Firstly I went through the song “Angels and Demons” which is the first piece that I do in the show and I realised that in fact I don’t know the lyrics very well at all. This will be my focus to make sure that it is sorted before Friday. The verses seemed to keep mixing up; my plan is to go through the lyrics again and make up a story through the song to make sure I can visualise it. I then went through the choreography for ‘Bring on the men’ because this is something that Faye and myself had one recently done. I then ran through my solo dance choreography for ‘Hellfire’ because this is new as well. I then had extra time before the rehearsal and so I sang through the round section of the song ‘Rebel’ which Chloe, Hannah and Jack. We discussed whether we thought it would be better if I played the piano at this section or not.

Here are the two Videos that I recorded for my own rehearsal that I had running through two of my pieces.

PartOne –

PartTwo –

Following the four of us and our own little rehearsal we had the full company rehearsal especially for ‘Rebel’ due to it being the finale and it needs to be worked on to the point where it is really touching for us as the performers and for the audience.

Here is the video footage showing the rehearsals.

Video One – Identification

Video Two – Run through

Video Three – Performance/Staging

Looking back on the rehearsals that we planned and what we produced was really encouraging. Ready for our stumble run on Friday I felt a little uneasy about the whole idea however having had all day to practice all of the elements that I am involved with, I feel really prepared and confident.

As for my own little group rehearsal before we sung as a whole company we discussed whether we thought it would be better if we used piano or not when we did the rounds however I don’t think this is even a possibility with everyone singing because there are people who struggle with the whole ’round’ section of the song and so when I play along with them I think it really puts the majority at ease.

Personally, on a musical note I really enjoyed playing piano with the accompaniment of Tom and his guitar. He asked whether or not he preferred the guitar to play straight chords or to decorate the chords I was playing with riffs. I decided on the second option and so that was the final decision.

Thursday 11th May 2017 –

Today I was with a music student from 9:00 – 12:00 and so I was unable to rehearse my pieces until after lunch. Considering this was my last day before the run through I felt a little concerned however the rate that I have rehearsed at this week I am on track to perform at the best of my ability.

After lunch I was asked to practice my solo ‘Angels and Demons’ with the dancers that will be dancing along side me. At the start of the week I said that I was worried about the lyrics and so I practiced constantly at college and at home and I have finally conquered them.  I know exactly what I am singing and what comes in the next verse. Although, I would really like some tips from a professional who would be able to understand my voice and advise what I could do to make it sound better.

Sarah was in the room whilst I was rehearsing because she was helping Zoe and Faye to choreograph this piece and she said I sounded better than Melissa Otero who is the original singer for this song.

Friday 12th May 2017 –

Today is the big day where everyone would be performing their pieces and we will see how the dialogue and everything works out together.

Here is a short overview on what I thought about my pieces and how I thought it went. I will link the evaluation based on this below:

Angels and Demons: –

All the lyrics were correct and I feel as though I performed the piece to the best of my ability at the time. You can hear my nervous vibrato however with time I will be able to keep it under control after more practice.

(Starting from 3:20 which is the scene before the song starts)


Bring on the men: –

Terrible. Sian asked me to sing in her part as she hadn’t yet heard the new track and I have so she wanted to record me singing her part and learn it from this. However, Emma has practiced with the track and she couldn’t get it correctly at all. The timing was out, the pitch and therefore the dancers became confused and were unable to dance alongside her voice.

(Starting from 0:30 seconds)

Dialogue: – The only line that I have here is ‘Oops sorry!’ but it is a set up for later on in the Act where Scott is fantasizing over me. I looked a little odd just walking in a waiting for the fall to happen.

(Starting from 1:20)

Hellfire: – The dance for me went really well and I enjoyed listening to Scott singing although he needs to work on holding on to the end note so it doesn’t sound as though he is straining at all.

(Starting from 2:00)

Dialogue: – Great seaway into the next piece however I am thinking about costume changes… I am dancing before this and just as I get off there is a cue for me to speak to ‘Carli’ where I am giving her relationship advice before the song. I also think that with Tom playing in the background, maybe he can start playing a little earlier so we are speaking the dialogue over the top.

(Starting from 0:00 – till end)

Poisoned Apple: – For me I believe I sung with all my heart and I really made sense of the song in the situation that I was involved. On the other hand, Sophia has not done as much practice as I would have liked her too and it didn’t fit in with what I was singing and she is singing the basic melody. I was a little hardhearted but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

(Starting from 0:00 – till end)

Rebel: – This went really well and I really enjoyed it however I messed up with the piano part a little but Tom covered with the guitar and so it sounded okay to be frank.


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