U12 – WEEK 4

This week has been really busy and completely based on commission tasks. On Monday, for our hour session I wrote down categories of the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. Having the categories has really helped me focus these ideas that we have all had in a way that has a structure that can develop. Lynn had asked us to come up with these ideas to help her with what ideas should be put into the show and what doesn’t quite fit. Having received the emails, she is thinking long and hard about what she wants to do next.

Tuesday was continued thinking about ideas that would fit the criteria well and looking into ideas that might be used instead of other ideas because it fits better. For example, if there were three ideas that were similar but didn’t really link together, if someone came up with a suggestion that would link all the ideas together in a way that worked then we would use this instead. The first draft of the blurb on the season brochures was written today which reads “Saints & Sinners
There’s a club at the end of the road and all human life meets there…but which direction will they turn at closing time? The second year Performing and Production Arts students have all worked together for their final assessment show to bring you a night in that notorious venue, ‘Saints & Sinners’” I think this is a really great start of writing the blurb. However, I don’t think it should be the final piece. I feel like it’s missing something but I’m not too sure what.

Wednesday was finalized by Lynn that there were at least 30 ideas that she has collected together and the next step is to talk altogether about what we should include and what we need to keep. We created spider diagrams based on these ideas that we have had ourselves. Here is my diagram.








The year 2 Actors had a session with Lynn today and talked about certain ideas that don’t work together or fit the criteria at all. As the MT’s weren’t in the lesson we felt a little in the dark about what was going and we didn’t want them to make decisions without us because we felt that was unfair. Here are the pictures of the post-it-notes that they had thought through during the lesson. Later after the actors had their lesson we had a group discussion about the type of club it would be for our show as this has already been decided as our set. Here are the YouTube links for the discussions that we had.



Thursday we talked with Erica, Lynn and Sarah about the ideas that had been discussed with the year two actors and because we felt so uninvolved with the project and this discussion that the year two MT’s and dancers had a session together and we categorised what we thought goes together to show a direct group of certain things including songs, acting pieces, dance pieces, what needs more work, what we think could be made into a bigger focus and what needs to be written that isn’t written yet. Here are the pictures that I have taken of the process.

Version one – This is before we categorized and added to the post-it-notes.











Version two – Categorized into acting, singing and dancing.








Version three – Categorizes into acting, singing, dancing and what still needs work.








Version four – Categorized into acting, singing, dancing, what still needs work and big numbers.











Friday we looked at the imagery and created suggestions that we thought would fit best. This project is all about trying and testing out different ideas. The second suggestion for the blurb was written by Lou which read “If every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future, what happens when they all get drunk in the club at the end of the road? The year two Production and Performing Arts have come together, to tell the tales of the holy virtues and deadly sins. Saints and Sinners is an open club, the bar is always open, and all are welcome.” I personally think that we are getting there but this isn’t what we are quite looking for. There have been a couple more suggestions about this. Including Daytona’s idea of saying “The Year 2 Performing and Production Arts students have come together to present to you their final assessment ‘Saints And Sinners’ Whether you’re a sinner or a saint, Saint Jimmy’s nightclub will determine your fate. Step inside and see what is in store, we don’t want to leave you behind at the door. Who knows what will happen by the end of the night, so sit back, enjoy and hold on tight!” I really like this version, although looking at it again I have realized that the ending doesn’t quite work. I like how original the ending is with the rhyme because no one had already thought about this.


Looking into people’s ideas for the logo of the piece, there have been many great ideas and thought towards this. I decided that my favorite was the one that Daytona had come up with. I personally felt that it connected more to the title of our performance and it suited it professionally and didn’t look scrappy or common.






This is the logo after Leah has finished editing it. I absolutely love it! If I had the choice to set the logo, this would be the one for sure. It’s eye catching, colourful, explains hard meaning without many words, the halo and sword just concludes it all and pulls it together.

Harry had thought about changing this design a little and so instead of the halo and sword put a devil shape 0, a halo and a cocktail glass. I think this is a little too much and it doesn’t excite me as much as the original one does. On the other, it would make sense to have the alcohol advertised because we are basing some of the pieces on those who are drunk and then commit bad crimes.

Considering all of the logos that we have been through, looking at them all they have come really far since the very first one. The lesson that people split up and looked at was really interesting to think about because it feels so long ago now and we have come so far with the designs. They look professional, not sloppy and too simple.

As a whole, many of us have been linking certain clips for the tutors to look into to prove why we should include it in the show. The Facebook page has turned into a debating session. It’s really a fine thing. To see how people are really enthusiastic about a certain idea and coming up with a strategy so it can be put included as a whole. For example, Josh has sent a link to ‘The Basketball Diaries’ which is a play that Leonardo DiCaprio is in that talks about how the use of drugs can influence how a person can be perceived. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyfX9UHyxgY – this is the trailer for the show.



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  1. provides evidence for research (2.1), problem solving (3.1, 3.2), planning and production (4.1), evaluation and reflection (6.1, 6.2) and presentation (7.1)


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