Choir – 18.10.16

This morning we did a massage warm up in a circle to get rid of the mucus floating around in our bodies in the morning. We then started with warming up our vocals by doing a couple of warmup songs including Zubabduba… and syringing.

Then because last week was the start of the Christmas season we started learning ‘Jingle Bells’ which is something that the year 2’s did the year before us and so when we heard it for the first time I knew the harmonies and it is something that I can pick up quickly. There is a section in the 2nd half of the piece that changes key and goes higher for the sopranos that always confuses me but I think that after looking at it again this week I will be able to hack it.

We then started a new piece which is a remix called ‘Swing a Christmas Carol’ which includes; God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, What Child Is This and Deck The Halls. I really like this mix and the first section and bluesy so the timings and rhythms are different to what I would expect so it is interesting rather than just singing songs that everyone knows, I like how original it is.

I think we all sound great, the only issue is that we don’t feel motivated yet to sing Christmas songs because it feels so far away.

On a whole I have been struggling a lot with depression recently and so today has been one of the worse days for me. I was thinking a lot about other things and was as concentrated on the piece as much as I should have been which is frustrating because I really wanted to get a lot of the piece learnt, which I have but not at the potential I think I could have done it at.


One thought on “Choir – 18.10.16”

  1. Jess, because you don’t always have the same tutor for these sessions it is good to make clear at the start of the entry who has lead a particular session – I am guessing this was with Paul Schofield?

    Depression can be a very difficult condition to have – try and develop your own depression ‘First Aid’ kit by identifying people, strategies and activities which you know are helpful when you have these challenging times. If you are prepared, then YOU can be more in control than the condition being in control of you and you can, perhaps, shorten the time you are overcome by it.


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