Jazz – 05.12.16

I FINALLY WAS ABLE TO JOIN IN WITH DANCING! I was so excited today just to get stuck in and go for it. I asked if we could do an abs and arm work out considering I have missed out on so much work.

So after the warm up this is what we did:

  • 20 press-ups bending the arms towards the body
  • 20 wide press-ups
  • 40 alternate press-ups
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 V-sit ups
  • Then a new 20 push up sit up (legs push up in the air vertically)

I then asked Sarah how I could work on the bottom muscles on my tummy because I have a 4 pack at the top of my stomach and flat for the rest of it. I want to work on it so by the end of three years I will have the six pack that I have always wanted.

We then went through our dance piece that we have already got choreographed and perfected what we had so far.

I then asked if we could do some jumps and lifts, so we did. I was so happy when I found out we were doing partner work.

The first thing we tried were:

  1. Fish Tail – This is one we have done before and its really quite difficult. What you do is, the male is holding the female in an arabesque position, they then both push upwards after 3 counts and the girl hitch-kicks in the air as the boys push and pull the leg, to end the position the girls then go into a half stag position and its really difficult. I MANAGED TO COMPLETE THIS MOVE WITH MY BESTFRIEND SCOTT! It was the best feeling ever.
  2. Snake – We had to hold each others hand as if we were in a ‘New York’ hold. I then roll in and hold the male’s neck who is holding my weight. I have to keep my body strong and straight to make sure that I don’t fall. Then I switch legs quickly and slide underneath his legs, turn and finish with one leg in front of the other and bring up my right hand to present.
  3. Thigh Lift – This is where the female is sitting on the floor in a tuck position, the male then holds her hands and pulls her upwards, I then push through my legs really hard and I lift my arms above  my head to create more momentum and the male catches my thighs.

I only have video evidence of the thigh lift so I will link it below.

We then looked at barrel jumps, considering this was my first attempt, I think I have done an alright job. However, I need to think about my rotation angle and the speed I am doing it at.


One thought on “Jazz – 05.12.16”

  1. Jess, your videos are private and I am unable to view them.
    I would like you to have reflected on how your body coped with the physical demands made on it after such extensive time off, Was it a good idea to ask to be doing things that are very demanding? Was this the advice of your medical practitioners? I would have expected you to have been advised to taper your exercise and build up to full activities. How were you the next day? Had you overdone things?


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