Solo Singing Lesson – Paul

I had Paul back today and it was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. I talked to him about what I had applied for and told him the audition dates that I have received.

I sung through ‘Don’t cry out loud’ The Boy from Oz. He told me that it sounded really good and he liked the way I was singing the song. However, he was questioning as to why I was singing half of it in my head voice and not my belt voice. But the videos that I have watched are all sung how I do. He told me to ask B if she thinks I should sing it differently, with or without belt should be discussed.


One thought on “Solo Singing Lesson – Paul”

  1. Jess, what is the outcome of this? What has B recommended? Remember that the videos you have watched are of people singing it to THEIR best but what you need to be able to do is to sing it to YOUR best – have you experimented with using your belt voice to see what it brings to YOUR interpretation of the song? In the same way as we encourage you to apply to lots of places so you can have the choice of where you want to go you need to apply this to your technical training – try out lots of different ways of doing something so you can compare and see why one way might be better than others and be the one you CHOOSE to do rather than the one you HAVE to do.


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