U9 Task 8 – Rehearsed Reading

The video’s below are the video links that are above:

Monday 9th January 2017 – Rehearsed reading Take 2 – Gary’s Feedback

Here are the comments that I received from Gary as a group. Erica did not record the feedback but that’s okay because I think it’s better for us to remember what we heard and each of us would remember something different and as a group we would remember everything. I will link some pictures of my lists because there are so many.

On Tuesday we had a 2 hour lesson with Paul, which we haven’t had since the very beginning when we were brainstorming for our first idea. We decided that it would be best if we performed for him rather than just explaining what we have changed and instead just show him what we have done. I think that overall, we are doing well to elaborate for those in Key Stage one. I feel as though our content is very age focused and the audience would be able to understand everything that we are doing and talking about. Something that was suggested to me was the fact that the majority of students who are our age underestimate how much key stage one pupils understand.


2 thoughts on “U9 Task 8 – Rehearsed Reading”

  1. Jess, I can confirm that yesterday, when I came to give you feedback on this page, I was able to see two videos and a written record of the feedback you had been given, I only did not give you feedback because you hadn’t ‘enabled comments’ until I messaged you about it. I am puzzled as to where this content has disappeared. Please re- attach the videos which show your rehearsed reading and the feedback from peers and tutor. I will look at the next task for your own evaluation of the TiE project to date and what you intend to focus on to get this project ready for touring.


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