U12 Task 3c Continuing Rehearsals (adapting / developing / polishing)

Considering that this project is supposed to be 13 weeks and we have accomplished so much since the first week and it is the third week now however ‘week 10’ of the project. On the 2nd of May we had a work in progress showing all of the pieces that have been prepared so far so we had an image of how certain parts are going to link together and have an overall opinion on how we imagined it would be at this stage.

Here are the two YouTube links showing all of the pieces and progress we have made:

The first video is our identification for the examiner to know who is who.

The link below is the second half of the work in progress that was recorded on Sian’s phone because the main camera cut out.

Personally I thought that everyone who did show pieces has worked extremely hard, I am so proud of my year and I know for sure that the show is going to be excellent.

For me, having been focused on only pieces and how well I want to perform them I feel that I was oblivious to other people around me and how they were doing. Especially the script. I had no idea who was who or what was happening for the script and so I was extremely pleased when the script had been finalized and the people who had written it made sense of everything and all in all the final script was understandable and it all linked with the theme and the pieces that are included. However, looking back I feel that we have lost a little bit of introducing the pieces in a way that proves why they have been put into the production rather than just introducing the pieces. Nevertheless, we could in fact put this into the brochures that the audience receive.

Piece Number one – Saint Jimmy solo song (This was no performed as Jack has got a soar throat and is on voice rest and so this was a shame but nothing could be done)

Piece Number two – ‘I want to be seduced’ Tom and Sian (Sian had learnt all of the lyrics and the melody however Tom only just learnt the chords and didn’t practice with Sian and so she was a little in confident which is understandable however overall it sounds really nice and with a bit of work they will sound wonderful together.)

Piece Number three – Charles Angels (3 dancers however only Faye was available today) This dance looks great, the movements that have been included are all sharp and they are difficult enough that they can stretch themselves. Obviously with the other dancers it will look better because they entwine with one another and they do sections with certain people so I have to keep that in mind. Also, the timings for the song and the dance works wonderfully for the bit where there is a gun, it works really well. As this is the first introduced Act in the club it needs to be intriguing and have the ‘WOW’ factor which I’m sure it will.

Piece Number four – ‘I want to be evil’ Solo by Chloe. I was quite surprised by this piece. I wasn’t expecting her to be as confident as she was and it really shined and showed all of us how much she has worked on it. As a singing perspective I do think that Paul was correct about how some more of the song should have been spoken due to how low it is…etc. Overall I thought it was a great start.

Piece Number five – ‘Angels and Demons’ Solo by Jess Last. To be self critical I think I could have sung through the song without the lyrics and I could have done a lot more work on learning them. Also, looking back at the performance that I made I could have been a lot more confident and I feel as though I was really shouting and so I need to tone that down a little to make sure that it can be listened to without people shuddering under the volume. On the other hand, I do feel that I did a good job overall with the song.

Piece Number six – Patience Hymn. Posh boys. There was discussion about the national anthem however Lynn thought it would be a bad idea because she feels that it would be offensive to people in the audience. They took the advice and so now they will be singing the patience hymn as if it was the national anthem.

Piece Number seven – St. Joan. Performed by Hannah King. I loved this piece. I thought that she had really thought about the character she was playing and therefore gave her a sense that she was someone else and she was in a room that wasn’t where we were. I thought that her remembering all of the words was a great achievement and considering the short amount of time she’s done a stunning job.

Piece Number eight – POSH scene. I enjoyed watching this piece however I was confused as to why it was there. Once I revisited the scene and the script it was clear that the reason it is in there is to show that people can seem to be one way when actually deep down their hearts are rotten.

Piece Number nine – Bring on the men. (Dance and song) Song was not performed and the dance was danced in a different position to what we had rehearsed so I was completely confused and I didn’t perform to the best of my ability because I kept forgetting what we were doing.


Piece Number ten – Melodrama. Daytona and James. This was hilarious. I’ve never heard their piece and it was so funny.

Piece Number eleven – Swan Dance. Vicky Wilson performs this but she wasn’t here when we did this run through.

Piece Number twelve – Shopping and F**king. Hannah and Sian. I really enjoyed watching this piece more than I thought I would. Hannah did really well to explain everything that had happened to her and Sian really brings out Hannah’s good side. Sian reveals to the audience that Hannah is in fact misunderstood and she’s actually a wonderful person yet her outside mask is seen as a sinner.

Piece Number thirteen- Man of the moment. Performed by Leah and Josh. I thought this was a nice run through although I think both of them could have done a little more experimenting for their characters.

Piece Number fourteen – Talking to Terrorists. Daytona and James. We didn’t see this performed because they said that the script needs to be changed for the better because currently it feels wrong. I felt really sorry for James because I think he really wanted to do the piece and due to Daytona not learning the piece he was struck down and wasn’t able to do it.

Piece Number fifteen – Dogfight. Come to a party. Beth and Tom. I loved this piece because it is a song that I have performed before. They still need to change to some of the words so it fits their characters. I have a feeling that they are only singing that song purely because they like the song and not because it fits into the piece. That’s my own personal opinion though.

Piece Number sixteen – Sloane Speech. Josh. I personally didn’t really like this piece, purely because I was so confused whether I was supposed to laugh or not. He read through it really well and his character shone through, I was just hugely lost and confused.

Piece Number seventeen – Take me to church. Dancers. We didn’t see this one performed due to the majority of the dancers not being present today.

Piece Number eighteen – Hellfire. Danced by Jess Last and Sung by Scott Truin. I really like how this piece is coming along. Having had help with the dance choreography by Zoe has really put me back on track with all the pieces I am involved in. Listening to Scott singing the song really gave everyone else the perspective of how it will sound in the show. He has been having singing lessons that will help him with the change of his chest and falsetto voice.

Piece Number  nineteen – Poisoned Apple. Sophia and Jess Last, accompanied by Tom barber. We haven’t really done as many rehearsals as I would have liked. I feel that once we have got the harmonies down it will sound so much better than this time around.

Piece Number twenty – Jayne Eyre. Harry and Lou. I really liked this piece because it has such a twist on it. I wasn’t expecting it at all. It was realistic and believable.

Piece Number twenty – Katherine monologue. Beth Easdown. Liked this piece also, it really worked with the character she is playing and having Harry their to bounce off really helped her express the feelings in her voice and actions.

Piece Number twenty one – Rebel. This hasn’t yet been rehearsed with everybody, however I have learnt the piano part for the piece. I think it is a beautiful way to finish our commission and it sums up everything that has happened in the show.

Since this work in progress we have had many rehearsals with everyone and people in their own little groups. I feel that this really helped us see the show pieces from a different perspective and we all noticed how close the show really is and kicked us all into gear.

This is the rehearsal we had the other day which Hannah King recorded for the final piece we are singing and it sounded beautiful. However this recording doesn’t give us justice. We split the verses up between ourselves and we decided to put a chorus into a round. Here is what the structure looks like:

Verse (1/2 each group)

Chorus (Everyone)

Verse (1/2 each group)

Chorus (Everyone)

Chorus (A Round)

Last line (Everyone = Slower)

Groups of vocalists for this last song for the commission is as follows:

First 1/2 verse = Emma, Hannah, Sian and Beth

Second 1/2 verse = Chloe, Vicky, Zoe, Faye, Scott and Faye

Chorus =

Third 1/2 verse = Jack, Tom, Harry, Scott, Josh.

Fourth 1/2 verse = Daytona, James, Lou, Leah, Jess.

Chorus = Everyone

Round = Everyone

Part 1 – Tom, Hannah, Sian, Beth, Me

Part 2 –  Jack

Part 3 – Chloe, Scott, Vicky, Faye, Zoe

Last Line = Everyone

Stumble Run – 12/05/17

Here is the playlist above including all the acts and dialogue from the script that has been written for this piece.


There has been so much work that has been put into this project and I never realized how much until we had the run through today. I absolutely loved it, watching everyone show their pieces and progress. With my own pieces they are the best I have ever performed them and I wrote down my crib sheet as we went a long because I knew it was something I would have to do. So I am so happy that I had the opportunity to do this.



Stumble run – 12th May 2017

Today, as decided at the end of last week we are doing a stumble run through all of the pieces that have been put into the show with the full script that has been written including the dialogue for the in between scenes. I was super excited about this because I haven’t seen other people’s pieces. Considering that the pieces we have worked on are all in different and separate groups it is difficult to understand how everything is going to fit together and this is the reason we decided it would be best for us to do this stumble run.

Here are the video clips of each ‘act’ in the show.

Overall, seeing the script for the first time was really encouraging and it felt so real and so close that it kicked me into gear and I feel that it has really helped me figure out what I need to do and what else needs to be done to make the show the best it possibly can. The run made me realise elements and personal ticks that I have that need to be resolved and taken under control to make sure I am 100% the character and not a hint of Jessica.

Personally I am really impressed with every individual included in the show because I feel that they have all worked extremely hard on their own pieces and together we have worked as a team to make sure that we are all on track. For me, looking back over the stumble run the main issue for me was most definitely ‘Bring on the men’ the track that I have used to rehearse and choreograph the dance is understandable and easy for me to follow because I have been using it multiple times over the course of the rehearsals I have had. Beth was on voice rest for this run due to Bonnie and Clyde next week; Sian hadn’t been into college all week and was therefore unsure about the new track that we are using and Emma’s timing and pitching was off. Therefore I struggled on the dancing perspective because it was all out of time and the words were sung wrong. Anyway, this is something that I know needs to be worked on.

Piece one – First involvement in the show (ANGELS AND DEMONS)

4:20 – Start of my piece.

Piece two – Second involvement in the show (BRING ON THE MEN)

Piece three – Third involvement in the show (HELLFIRE)

Piece four – Fourth involvement in the show (POISONED APPLE)

Piece five – Fifth involvement in the show (REBEL)



Tech and dress eval

Tech and dress run through –

Throughout this time period of learning, cutting, directing and suggesting different ideas; we have finally come to the time where we are able to do a tech and dress run before our performance tomorrow and the day after. I am super duper excited about this run because it will be as if we are performing to the audience and it is the last time to get pieces or lines incorrect before it counts.

Overall, looking back I think we did a wonderful job and it went better than all of us had prejudged. Personally, my pieces went okay although I am saving my voice for the real shows and so I didn’t sing my songs full out which may show on the video evidence above. For my solo ‘Angels and Demons’ I was struggling to put a glottal on the ‘A’ sound at the beginning of the word and so the word was lost until the middle of the song. The next time I rehearsed this song after the run I made sure that I produced the glottal and the ‘A’ was loud and clear. Bring on the men went horrifically wrong. I was so stressed about it because it was so close to the show and the three waitresses who are singing the verses still didn’t understand how it went. After at least three times of going over this piece for the show I become too annoyed to focus on anything and so I left the theatre so calm down before I really upset someone with my words. After a 5minute break I was ready to back into the performance space, put it behind me and move on. Facial expressions and body language is what I focused on during this run through and I was thinking about the Boal technique about running around the theatre until I am out of breath and then perform my pieces. I learnt this in a previous lesson when we were looking at practitioners and I personally believe that it works. A couple more times going through ‘Bring on the men’ we were able to do the dance and sing the song in time with one another and I felt my leadership helped in this situation. However, I fell over during the ‘Bring on the men’ routine and I injured my left leg and I strained it. I was really frustrated that I couldn’t perform to my best for the next dance that I was in which was Hellfire.

The second act went better than expected also and I just loved performing rather than feeling scared about the pieces and whether I knew it to a high standard. Hellfire went well, I just marked the dance due to hurting my leg with the impact of the fall however I felt as if it was well. We sorted out the issue with the quick costume change by allowing Tom to sing ‘Hallelujah I just love you so’ which gave me enough time to change and then there was a little instrumental part of the guitar which was my cue to walk back into the theatre. This went really well, loved singing it and I enjoyed the spotlight. For ‘Rebel’ the finale that went well also, the levels of the sound were confusing to start with but Jordan sorted it out quickly and efficiently.

Overall, I think we are ready for the show and so therefore I will use the notes that we have been given for this run through to make sure that nothing goes wrong that could be avoided.


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