U12 – WEEK 10

Monday was a bank holiday and so we didn’t attend college as we would usually. This was annoying because I personally could have rehearsed with Tom and Sophia with the Apples song. This is the one piece that I am really quite concerned about. Sophia and I have been through the song multiple times and yet we haven’t identified what harmonies we would be including.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017 we had a work in progress presentation on our pieces for the show and talked through the script. I hadn’t realized that I would be speaking in the script and so it was a nice surprise when I found my characters name in the script with multiple lines to learn. I believe that everyone who has helped put the script together have done an outstanding job and should be really proud of themselves. The script has pulled everything together for the better and I feel that after seeing the majority of the pieces presented we have a lot of great things that are included in our show.

Below is the playlist to the script and other pieces that were presented in this session. There are a couple of acts that we haven’t received as video footage yet because the camera shut down because the batteries died and so Sian recorded the rest on her phone and she has not yet had the time to upload them.

Saints and Sinners Script FULL VERSION

The above link shows the Saints and Sinners full and final version of the script. In total there are 27 pages; 9 pages in Act One and 18 pages in Act Two.

To evaluate what we have done so far considering that we are on the 10th week of the 13 week project I originally thought that we have hardly done anything compared to what the year ones have seemed to have done throughout their process. However, I had a discussion with Scott about why I feel so bad about the amount of work I have done in the time frame and I have realized that in fact I have done a lot more than I thought. Considering that we were only given our project proposal in the third week of the project, we only proposed our ideas in front of one another in the fifth week of the whole process. After a week of work we then had the Easter holidays which was two weeks which took all the time away for weeks six and seven. Overall, if I look at the time that we have actually received (3 weeks) and having learnt over 5 pieces and rehearsed as much as I can we have all worked together and strategically planned out our weeks in such a way that we have been able to organize ourselves.

As for the piece ‘Hellfire’ Scott Truin has found an instrumental that he enjoys and works better than the previous tracks. Here is the link for the instrumental that he will be using in the show.

It brought on the matter that due to the song being particularly long we discussed whether or not I should be dancing for the entire song or whether I should fade out nearer the middle of the song and reappear so he can sing his solo without a distraction? However, the reason that he is singing the song is because he is drawn to me and wants to date Emma but he cannot find himself being faithful because he keeps lusting over me in his thoughts.

Having this run-through has cleared my mind and helped me think about certain pieces that need the extra work. For example, I am particularly concerned about the song ‘Apples’ that I am singing with Sophia and being accompanied by Tom. Tom and I went through the song’s chords together last week and he had arranged the first verse and the oohs in the song however when we performed it in front of all the other year 2’s he had a different guitar because his own guitar’s G string has broken and so due to using one from the Music department it’s not as good at his. There is so much percussion, listening to the string vibrating rather than hearing the chord. As for the harmonies, as of the video we recorded a few weeks back I attempted singing harmonies over the top of the melody that Sophia sings but because she is not as confident as I would have liked her to be with hold a tune I struggled and decided to keep practising with her singing the melody so she gets the hang of the whole song.

The main part for me was understanding my character and what she does throughout the whole performance. Since the start of last year I learnt about character research. I feel that my research has really developed throughout the two years here at Conservatoire East. The reason for thinking this is due to understanding what I need to do and why I am doing it. On the other hand, considering that I have researched a lot about my character I never asked myself the question ‘Why am I in the club?’ How have I not even covered this? This is something I need to work out for my own understanding but for others that I interact with in the club. This includes, Truin, Lerigo, Tom, the girl dancers for Bring on the men…etc.

For the song ‘Angels and Demons’ I have to make sure that I learn the lyrics 100%. When we had talked about what we had done before in our work in progress videos I had said that I learnt all the lyrics when in actual fact I have learnt them but not well enough that I can sing the song with feeling because I understand the piece. I also need to remember that I am singing the song from my characters point of view rather than Melissa who is the singer on the original track.

Wednesday was spent updating WordPress and making sure that I had enough done so I can catch up if need be. The dancers worked with Sarah on their own solo and group dances today which was something that Lynn had made sure the dancers understood how little time they had. It was arranged that for tomorrow we will have Bethany Barber come in and work with us as B wasn’t there. Here is the schedule for tomorrow:

Singing schedule May 5th. I’ve left out the ones that are either already in decent shape, or (hymn) haven’t really been started. I’ve left the final space blank for anyone who disagrees with that!

10 – 10.30 Bring on the Men

10.30 – 11 I want to be evil

11 – 11.30 Nothing’s gonna harm you

11.30 – 12 Hellfire

12 – 12.30 St Jimmy

12.30 – 1.00 I’m a Saint/Sinner

1-1.30 Poisoned Apple

1.30 – 2

To have this time with someone different it makes sure that even with a fresh ear it sounds as good as we think it has been. Bethany has been training for such a long time so she knows what she’s talking about.

The firsts piece that I was in on the router was Bring on the men as I was asked to sing the final notes at the end because they are a high belt. However, I was not allowed to go into the room with them because they were singing the solo sections in the song and there wasn’t much point me going in their just to sing the ending. Having said that, they arranged a three part harmony that they would sing for the end note because it was so high for the rest of them so I was pretty discouraged and felt low about not being chosen. So I spoke to Sian about it and Beth and herself discussed with me that they still want me in it because Emma has been struggling with the notes and so to have me sing a note in between Emma and Beth would form a strong foundation for the last chord.

The second piece that I was involved in was ‘Rebel’ Alyssa Bonagura which is the final song of the show. I really enjoyed working this piece with the whole year group and it sounded lush when we all sang together.

This was recorded by Hannah King so the majority of the voices you can hear is hers however you can still get a feel for the song and the melodies. Listening back to the piano part I feel very proud of myself, I didn’t make any mistakes and I enjoyed playing with everyone so I was relaxed and really went with the flow of the music.

Since this rehearsal I have practiced with my sister at home with this song, here is the video evidence:

The last piece that I was doing with Bethany was ‘Poisoned Apple’ which I am singing with Sophia and accompaniment by Tom. I really enjoy this song and I think this is my favorite piece that I am doing in the show generally because I love the style of music and harmonies is something I really enjoy learning and performing.

I also thought about what I could do to encourage Sophia and help her learn the melody well enough that she is confident to sing it whilst I am singing the harmonies over the top. Here is the video evidence about what I did:

I sent this video to Sophia and she said that it was very helpful.



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