Tap – 05.12.16

Today in the tap lesson we went through all different types of time-steps, quick steps and we went through the new routine that we are learning to the song ‘Footloose’ we are thinking about using set for the dance show this year and one of the things that Sarah is thinking about is using boxes that we will jump off of and we will use other ones for the singers to stand on top of for levels with the dancers.

I learnt the whole routine today and I think I managed really well considering that I haven’t been able to do anything for weeks and as soon as I’m back on my feet I am ready and raring to go.

I didn’t video the progress but take it from me, it sounded better that last week! I think that having everyone there was easier for everyone to listen to the counts but other than that missing lots of people. I will try and record the routine when I next have a chance to, otherwise I will record it on Monday next week and put it on next week’s blog.


One thought on “Tap – 05.12.16”

  1. Jess, try and personalise your blogs so they are about what YOU are learning and not general and about the group. I would have liked more insight from you about how the lesson went from your perspective. Were you anxious before the start of class? Perhaps you were worrying about how much you had missed out on and being able to catch it up as quickly as possible? Could you see whether you had benefited from watching the previous sessions which was what made it easier for you to pick it up than you might have expected? Perhaps it indicates that you are better at tap than you had thought you were? Were there any new steps you needed to learn or was it more a case of learning the order for steps that you are already familiar with?


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