U12 – WEEK 2

This week we had our project proposal presentations in front of the year group. Not only did we listen to the ideas of others but we also discussed the blurb that would be written in the new brochure for marketing. This was the first draft of the blurb written by Lynn as an example for us to expand on.

“Saints & Sinners
There’s a club at the end of the road and all human life meets there…but which direction will they turn at closing time? The second year Performing and Production Arts students have all worked together for their final assessment show to bring you a night in that notorious venue, ‘Saints & Sinners’.”

Personally I don’t think that this blurb gives our piece enough justice and doesn’t explain fully about the show performed by Year 2’s. This has got to be included as the audience won’t know who is performing in front of them and there isn’t a warning about what is included exactly. Also, looking back I know that the idea of having a ‘Cabaret Club’ wasn’t suggested yet and so the list of pieces that we had come up with hadn’t been formed into a type of show. What we suggested from the beginning was to have a cafe theatre because we wanted to perform something like the first musical that I was a part of at this college which was ‘The Little Things You Do Together’. The feedback on this show was what drew me to wanting to do it again.

The second blurb idea that was recieved on the Facebook site where we are communicating with one another was from Beth Easdown.

“Welcome to ‘Saint Jimmy’s’, the club at the end of the road where anything goes; where every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. But who knows what will happen by the end of the night, will they leave the same people they came in?
The second year Performing and Production Arts students have all worked together for their final assessment show to bring you a night in that notorious venue, based on ‘Saints & Sinners’.”

Personally I think this is a little better, it includes who is performing the pieces and has a little mistery involved however I don’t think this will be the final blurb because there is something missing however I can’t place my finger on it.

Task 1a and Task 1b were prepared and put onto the WordPress site this week which includes my project proposal and my first Action Plan.

Reverting to the research page, I have done some research about the types of performances I want to be included in the show, the character research that I made to start conquering the task of creating a realistic individual to fit the theme.

Overall, there were 40 suggestions that were given over to the tutors to discuss and think about. That is a lot thoughts and ideas that would either be told were great or didn’t quite fit the theme or didn’t quite hit the mark they were looking for. This was nervewracking but I was ready for the decisions to be made and to start working on the individual pieces that I was given and work together as a group.

The logo was also discussed and it is open for anyone to suggest their own ideas about the logo. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to go through all the pieces and the theme and sum them up by a logo that will be our main marketting tool. Here are a couple of the ideas that we have recieved so far:

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: fire, night and text

Image may contain: drawing

The logo below was created by Leah Sanders from the drawn ideas that have already been discussed. She has used the programme photoshop on her laptop and here is what she has come up  with.

Image may contain: night

Personally, this is one of my favourite logos that has been brought to my attention by my friend Daytona Florian.

No automatic alt text available.


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