18.10.16 – Continuing to learn techniques and moves in these three categories

Barre Work –

Ronds de jambs (Circles of the leg)

  • ‘a terre (on the ground)
  • en l’air (in the air)
  • en dehors (outwards)
  • en dedans (inwards)
  • fondue (bent leg)

Centre Work –

Relev’e (s)

Retir’e (leg drawn up to knee0

Pass’e (leg goes from front to back or back to front)

Petit allegro changement

Enchainment soubresaut

On the floor soutenu turns (turn, up to relev’e, down to pli’e and so on)

Here is a video showing what we did:

Travelling –

11.10.16 – What we have learnt in Ballet lessons in three categories

Barre Work –

Plié’s (Demi, Grande)


Ports de bras

Battement Tendus – To strengthen the feet and legs

En Croix – Three positions (Front, Middle and back)


Battement glissés – Slightly off the floor

Battement frappé – Striking action strengthening the feet for travelling jumps

Grande Battement

Developpé Battement – from the retiré position

Centre Work  –

Ports de bras – carriage of the arms

Jump Preparation

Petit allegro – Little jumps and steps, fast and lively. – We did these combinations with Faye Radford

Enchappé – means to escape

Enchappé sauté – jumping to an open position

Travelling –

We haven’t done this yet.


06.09.16 – The pictures show what I can do stretching wise ‘cold’ (Without warming up any of my muscles) Bearing in mind that I was aching from the previous day as we did an intense warm up for an hour on the first day back. In 2 weeks time we will do the same things again yet we will have warmed up our muscles and stretched and see the difference between cold and hot, this will also identify how important it is to stretch and warm up before any sort of dancing.


Today we had Ballet with Helena which was exciting. I was so ready to do actual ballet because we have missed out on so much ballet because we didn’t have a teacher for half a year because Helena had a bad arm. Anyway, Helena realised that we hadn’t finished the personal geography session so we continued with that for about 2 hours. Here are the pictures that I took of myself to show my posture in ballet positions:


Firstly we looked at press-ups. The average girl of 17years is 25 without stopping.

I managed 25 press-ups without stopping which was impressive for me because I usually do 20 and then stop. I was determined to reach 5 more and I achieved what I set out to do.

We then looked at sit-ups. The average girl of 17years is 35 without stopping.

Unaided – I managed to do 85 sit-ups without stopping. I am so impressed with myself. I was against Tom Barber at the end and in the end I was in so much pain that I had to stop. Tom managed 111 without stopping.

Aided – (Daytona was holding my feet down as I was doing sit-ups) Considering that I just did 50 sit-ups without stopping. I managed to do 50.

We then looked at left leg balance on left leg and right leg. However we did it two different ways: Eyes closed and Eyes open.

Left Leg Eyes closed – 46 seconds

Left Leg Eyes open –  3 minutes

Right Leg Eyes closed – 50 seconds

Right Leg Eyes open – 3 minutes

After finishing the personal tests we got out the ballet barre and started warming up our feet. We started rotating our ankles to the count of 8, 4, 2, 1.


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