Evaluation of Proposal Ideas

Jack’s ideas:

  1. Male group number which would include the scene beforehand for some context for the audience. The chosen song was “Saint Jimmy” from American Idiot. (Punk rock)
  2. Full company ideas based on ‘Spring Awakening’. He chose the songs ‘Bitch of living’ and ‘Totally Fucked’ age restriction would have to be taken under consideration.
  3. Verbatim piece based on politics and how they can be seen as either a sinner or a saint depending on the opinion that is reflecting on them.

I really enjoyed listening to these idea’s because they are something that I would have never thought about. The idea of having a verbatim piece is very original and the idea didn’t share any qualities compared with all the other ideas we had heard. I especially like the idea of singing ‘Spring Awakening’ however I am very biased on this because I was in the show here at college and I absolutely loved the experience. On the other hand, I don’t think that the idea of having a male group number singing ‘Saint Jimmy’ was the best idea. Looking at the boys that we have in our year 2, casting ability wouldn’t be very suitable.

Harry’s ideas:

  1. The Knights Templor. Bar scene that would include the actors. Picking and choosing your own personal characters. About someone who is ambushed by bandits.
  2. Gollum’s Song. One singer with two personalities. The song involves an argument between two characters who are in fact the same person. This was to include the freedom to compliment the structure.
  3. Lokesanna. Duologue. The God of mischief. Wanting to modernise this version and adapt the text to insult the God’s.

Overall I thought that Harry’s ideas were really thought out and he presented his ideas well. My favourite idea out of all of them is ‘The Knights Templor’ which is generally about picking and choosing our own characters. Thinking back to last year when the previous year 2’s did this task it was hard for them to comprehend because they created their characters first and then linked them in with the story. However, doing this the opposite way so creating the characters after the thought out storyline, this would be a better way to look at it.

Lou’s ideas:

  1. Structure as ‘presenters’ either a group of them or two. A cycle of presenters (They would need to be organised with what was going on)
  2. Melodrama, starting at the end of Act one and continuing at the beginning of Act two so there is a cliff hanger effect.
  3. “Talking to Terrorist” – Adaptation. London Road into a song.

Personally I think that Lou’s short presentation didn’t explain everything that I feel like she should have. Her ideas were clear but I was confused. I liked her idea of having presenters but I think that it would split up the acts so much that it would be too much like a showcase. I’m not too sure about the idea of making an adaption of ‘Talking to Terrorists’ into a song.

Emma’s ideas:

  1. Jekyll and Hyde. “Bring on the men” and “Façade” as opening numbers. Including everyone. “Bring on the men” including a group dance number or a solo and duet.
  2. “Dangerous game” Monologue rather than a song.
  3. Prince of Egypt – When you believe. Casting of Beth and myself. “The Plague” – based on finding faith. Moses and Pharaoh as Tom and Scott.
  4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Heaven’s light / Hellfire. Acting piece rather than a song.

I really enjoyed listening to Emma’s ideas. I think that she has thought about the brief in depth rather than just placing ideas of things she likes in her project proposal. Personally I really like the idea of having a duet with Beth and myself ‘There can be miracles’ from the Prince of Egypt. This intwines with the brief due to understanding how the saints and sinners could change throughout the performance. This could be a song that is sung at the beginning of act 1 and then throughout both the acts those two people could change and turn into the sinners.

James’s ideas:

  1. Good and Evil. Based on right or wrong and the choices that we make.
  2. Imperial Perspective. Male solo performance.
  3. “Fighting ISIS” Male solo or group performance.

James’s ideas are something again that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Genuinely I don’t think that ‘fighting isis’ or imperial perspective for a male performance would be something that we should do for our project. It would be too solo oriented and there would be an imbalance.

Chloe’s ideas:

  1. Romeo and Juliet. Angels and Demons. 3:44 duration. Male and female as main roles.
  2. Take me to church. Two guys doing physical theatre. Gay love. Talking about how you should be able to love who you wish. Copying the original music video.
  3. Beauty and the Beast. Series of solo songs. Casting = Gaston, Tom. Lafou, Scott. Bell, Jess (me) Beast, Jack. – Tutor led

My favourite idea was Romeo and Juliet as Angels and Demons. I think it’s really original. However, looking at the brief it doesn’t quite fit because Romeo and Juliet aren’t opposed sides of good and bad. However, the concept of having two people with one another telling a story about love and another theme.

Physical theatre is something that really stood out to me, no one had mentioned it before and it would be very aesthetically pleasing to the audience.

Tom’s ideas:

  1. Now you know. Merrily we roll along. Full ensemble. Practised in choir lessons which will take 2-3 Tuesdays to learn completely.
  2. Beautiful City. Godspell. Simple melody. Starting off as a solo then turning into a whole company choir.
  3. Sante Fe – Newsies. Tom would like to put this forward for a solo. Overcoming establishment.

Leah’s ideas:

  1. The school of good and evil. Agatha and Agnes. They were sent to the ‘wrong schools’.
  2. Hellfire. Chorus and dancer. 3:33
  3. Mordred’s Lullaby. Heather Dale. (Raising a child to kill another’

Josh’s ideas:

  1. Pop up scenes. – Transformation between saints and sinners through the use of drugs.
  2. Frantic Assembly. Short piece of dance that is simplistic and powerful, yet proves a point.
  3. Entertaining MR Sloane. Joe Orton and Shopping and F***CKING.
  4. Taking an extract from ‘The Basketball Diaries’

Hannah’s ideas:

  1. Bad girls musical. ‘I shouldn’t be here’ and ‘This is my life’
  2. Turning a song into a scene ‘Twisted games’ David Lawrence. Casting as Beth and myself. (Innocent girl in the play)
  3. Loot by Joe Orton . Couple of abstracts. 4 males and 1 female.

Sian’s  ideas:

  1. A Capella Hymns. – Are you washed in the blood. – Abide with me.  – Firm Foundation.
  2. Fred Astire and Ginger Rodgers
  3. 7 Deadly sings play.

Zoe’s ideas:

  1. Personality split – Schizophrenia. Split (23 different personalities)
  2. Take me to church – Lyrical dance with Dancers and MT’s
  3. The Purge – Saints and Sinners. Crime that is legal for 12hours only. MT and Dancers.

Sophia’s ideas:

  1. Changing existing musicals
  2. Dance off between good and evil characters (Classical remix for the good characters)
  3. Improvisation

Vicky’s ideas:

  1. Recreation of Cell block Tango
  2. Triller – Michael Jackson
  3. The Swan Princess

Daytona’s ideas:

  1. 7 heavenly virtues and the 7 deadly sins
  2. Supernatural, shaun of the dead. As a large group piece.
  3. Midsomer murders

Faye’s ideas:

  1. Dance piece that the year 2 dancers and MT’s do in their Jazz lessons
  2. Charlies Angels
  3. Solo about a child that is possessed.

Beth’s ideas:

  1. Rebel – Alyssa with the dialogue to link it together
  2. Seven deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues
  3. RENT – Will I

Scott’s ideas:

  1. Heathers ‘Our Love is God’ and ‘Seventeen’
  2. Heathens. Twenty One Pilots.
  3. Nightclub idea ‘pre drinks bar’

2 thoughts on “Evaluation of Proposal Ideas”

  1. Jess, you started off by commenting on each of your peers but then you stopped after you had done 6. Of the 6 that you commented on you haven’t always followed through on the judgements you have made to explain more fully why you have a particular opinion e.g. “Thinking back to last year when the previous year 2’s did this task it was hard for them to comprehend because they created their characters first and then linked them in with the story. However, doing this the opposite way so creating the characters after the thought out storyline, this would be a better way to look at it.” You could have explained more fully why you think this would work better in terms of the process and the outcome.
    You are definitely thinking the right way but you need to try and more on bringing out your reasoning as you continue with this project.


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