2 – Jukebox Musical

My second idea was to make the foundation of our piece as a Jukebox musical. I have been a part of a Jukebox musical before called ‘The Little Things You Do Together’ and it was a success! I loved being a part of something so original. Originality is something that I had wanted to put across to the audience.

However, having researched the negatives and positives of this idea I have thought twice about it and in fact it would be something that wouldn’t be as affective due to not having a live band and having cut lots of instrumentals and the characterisation. I feel that having watched the previous years Jukebox musical for ‘Sugar and Spice’ having understood the difficulties and watching knowing that it looked separate from one another and those that fit together it didn’t work as well as they hoped because they had come up with their characters first and then put the piece together, whereas I want to learn from that and put our pieces together first before working out characters.

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