U12 – WEEK 12

Monday 15th May 2017 –

Today I was wearing a 24hr ECG and I had it fitted in the morning at West Suffolk Hospital. I had rehearsals all day for Bonnie and Clyde and today was mostly focused on the photos taken for the marketing and publicity of the performance. I didn’t have any time today to go through Saints and Sinners because I was so focused on the show coming up in a couple of days. It was exciting yet unnerving to know that the show that counts is the week straight after Bonnie and Clyde.

Tuesday 16th May 2017 –

Again, today was spent in the Theater with the crew, cast, band, Han and Gary. I really enjoyed the whole process of the day and the dress run was really encouraging to all of us. Unfortunately I didn’t have any time today to go through Saints and Sinners pieces either.

Wednesday 17th May 2017 –

Today was a restful day however I was still with the Bonnie and Clyde crew, cast, band, Han and Gary. It has really hit me how much practice I will have to do before the performance next week and I feel that any free time that I have this week will be spent rehearsing everything that I feel needs more work so it is perfectly presentable by the time we do the performance.

Thursday 18th May 2017 –

With the little time that I had today to go through Saints and Sinner’s pieces, it was encouraged that we rehearsed ‘Bring on the men’ as everyone was available. We went through the song multiple times, yet we went through the dance a humorous amount of times so we all understood what we were doing and danced together rather than dancing it separately. Here is the witness statement from the tutors due to not having video footage because the first phone died and the other had no storage left.

Witness statement 18th May 2017

The Script was updated for the final time today. I will link the full script below:

Full script draft 2

When I had spare time after lunch I caught up with Tom and arranged to have a run through of Poisoned Apple with Sophia and myself in the theater. Sophia had promised me that she would go through the song over and over again until she is able to sing it without any distractions and completely understand the harmony that she has to sing. I was really impressed with the progress she has made. We went through the song three times before recording and I feel that this helped all three of us with the flow of the whole song and helping one another out with the timings and asking for help if we needed it; asking questions about costume, tone of voice, techniques…etc. Here is the video footage of our rehearsal below.

Friday 19th May 2017 –

Today has been a really long week for those who have been doing Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals and it has really exhausted me. I have loved every second of the rehearsal period and the shows I have done so far but I need to keep in mind that it is not that show that matters grade wise but ‘Saints and Sinners’. I do feel that I am falling a little behind everyone else at the minute because I have been unable to attend the dance rehearsals for Bring on the men and so they have struggled with the timings because I wasn’t there to help them out and they have included more choreography and I have been a late tender and so therefore I have learnt it a little later than everyone else and so I felt a little interrogated when the tutors were telling me mixed messages about not singing the write parts, not dancing in the correct way and not having any expression on my face considering I have only just learnt the whole thing pretty damn quickly and it really got to me although it shouldn’t have. Although, to be fair I didn’t let anyone else know that I was feeling that way and just got on with the task.

Today we had our run through with costumes in the dance studio of Saints and Sinners. I really enjoyed the process however stressful it was but there were certain issues that arose that we had to solve before the show next week. For example, I have a 10 second costume change for my two pieces that are back to back and so I decided that the dialogue between needs to be lengthened or someone else would have to perform a little something for ‘stalling time’. The other issue that I had was that I was confused as to whether I was watching the paired dance in front of me when I am singing ‘Angels and Demons’ and in fact I am. I have seen the tension between them and I understand what they are going through so I am actually singing about my own life and giving the dancers the wisdom they need to resolve the issue in the club and their lifestyles. Below are a few notes that Lynn commented on when she was watching the run through.

Notes 19th May – Lynn



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