Monday 9th January 2017 –

Monday’s are always my favourite day of the week! We had a really good workout and warm up to start the lesson which included 80 types of sit-ups and I felt really good about it afterwards. Having had a dance audition last week I was still aching and so I was struggling a little but I pushed on and achieved the whole warm – up without stopping. We then looked at kicks, leaps, turns and spotting. Spotting as a technique is something that I have always struggled with and to have some time in lesson to look into it I think it really helped me focused on what I need to improve and practise on. After at least half an hour of this we then were looking at pirouettes. I actually asked Sarah if we could look at this before my SLP audition and she had remembered and so I was really thankful. I realised that it’s my core that needs to be worked upon for my pirouettes to really work and look elegant. We did 2 different types of pirouettes. The first was the typical pirouettes with opposition arms, however the second time was with the same leg and arm to rotate.

For our practical lesson we looked into re-writing and filling in the gaps for the scripts, because they need to be finalised before we were showing in front of Gary and Erica. As Sophia was updating the script the rest of us went to a free area and sung through the French song that we were a little unsure about. This time helped us to get to grips with what we were singing and I felt a lot more confident about what we were doing.

After lunch was our rehearsed reading performance in front of Gary and Erica. I was a little nervous but overall even if I did go wrong, that wouldn’t matter because Gary is only looking at the original idea and if he disagrees then he will just have to give us a new script to learn for the performance instead.

I will link the performance video below and I will link the page to which I am assessing and writing feedback to below as well.

Tuesday 10th January 2017 –

This morning we had choir, the first time since our performance at Haughley Barns. Paul was back today so we had a new piece to start looking at. We were given sheet music for ‘The Rainbow Connection’ from The Muppet Movie. The reason why the year 2’s were learning this song was to help the first years to get to grips with the lyrics and the melody that they have to sing. I generally thought that the piece is interesting and the harmonies sound really nice when they are sung correctly. I will link a version of the music below:

Tuesday’s lessons consisted of ballet and I really enjoyed it. Since the beginning of last year with hardly any dance experience, I have come such a long way. I pick up en changements really quickly now and I perform the moves I feel like rather than just concentrating on what I am doing. Firstly, we got out the mats and we worked on our turn outs. We were laying on our backs and held our turn out with flexed feet. We then focused on our hip placement, by doing this we had on leg straight on the floor, relaxed and the other leg upright. The relaxed leg then rotates from parallel position to turn out and continues but moves upwards towards our head. This not only helps with turn out, hip placement but also focuses on flexibility.


Wednesday 11th January 2017 –

Today is our self directed day where we don’t have a set timetable. In the morning before regristration I went through my dance solo that I had help with last night with Helena, Faye, Emma and Jess W.


I started to think about more expressive dance moves that I could include.

For an hour after registration I was updating my WordPress and writig up my Rehearsed Reading for Monday and Yesterday’s lesson with Paul.

After a break we were given our other tasks for TIE project. We went to T0.07 to discuss what we need to change and update Sophia as she was at an audition.



Thursday 12th January 2017 –

Today’s Acting lesson with Erica was really productive and I feel that considering we only have 4 weeks until we are performing these TIE pieces our heads are screwed on and understand what has been done and what still needs to be done.

The first topic that we discussed about was the comments we were given by Gary and Paul and we discussed what was essential and comments that we didn’t necessarily agree with.

Here is list to break down all the elements of our script and comments below that are essential:

  • We need to understand why Griselda is overlooked. Why does she dislike Emryss so much?
  • Prologue
  • Changing the French song’s melody
  • Higher Steaks? Yes or no?

We have thought a lot about the prologue and didn’t really know what to suggest about it. Some days we would think it was a really good idea and others, like me,
thought it would be better if we didn’t have the genie’s go back in time and the audience see them as a younger version showing them why they have fallen out, and
why Griselda dislikes Emryss. I personally think that if we provided a prologue it would confuse the children (audience) and also, a prologue is just something that
is unnecessary because what we have already, with Griselda talking to the audience at the very start is like our prologue. It explains why she doesn’t like her older brother and its suggesting that she feels overlooked. Once discussing this with Erica and my group I started to realise that we will need something else as well as what we already have so that it would make it clear to the audience what Griselda wants and what Emryss wants. Therefore, we disgusted a narrator at the start of the show. However, this would incline that we would have to have a narrator throughout the performance and that could stretch our performance time over the limit and would be extra script that we would have to write and it would be something that we wouldn’t exactly need. In conclusion, we decided that the kids in the production would introduce the show and ask the audience question about their families, brothers and sisters, pets…etc. This will then increase our audience participation issue and it will be a bold and strong start to our piece.

So our idea is that we walk onto the stage and say as follows (something along the lines of this) –

“Hello Boys and Girls! How are you doing today? What’s your name? Do you have any brothers or sisters? You do? How old is your brother? oh! so that means he’s your older brother. Do you get along with your older brother? oh, you have two older brothers? How old are they do you know? 15 and 20? wow that’s a lot older than you now isn’t it? Oh! You’re a twin? What’s it like to be a twin?  I would really like to tell you a story about a brother and sister, would you like to hear it? This story is different because the brother and sister and MAGICAL GENIES!” – This would be the sort of thing we are looking for in our introduction and then following this would be the start of the script how it is already written. This would then clear up any issues about understanding the concept of the story and also, this is something that the teachers could pick up on afterwards. They could ask the children at a later date, ‘Did you like the story children?’, ‘can you relate to what has happened with the good genie and the bad genie?’, ‘have you learnt how to look after each other and help your friends out?’. This then would not only give our production the mathematical side of thinking, english and geography but would also include morals, notifying the children what is good and what is bad.

About the French song, what we realised about the tune of ‘we’re all going on a summer holiday’ was the fact that the movie doesn’t even visit France, it visits the South of France and that is not where our destination is and go it isn’t grammatically correct. So we are finding a french inspired song that would work better than what we have already. We haven’t yet finalised that yet but I feel that by next week we will have settled on the song and perfect the structure of the piece. What we did conclude though was that each chorus will be set and not change for any of the songs that we sing. We also decided that we would only sing the chorus at least once so that it doesn’t become irritating but it is sung enough that the children understand the lyrics and are able to join in without the mistake of not know the next lyric to the song because it has changed.

Considering raising the steaks, we did not agree with this at all. Having Emyrss loose his memories when the picture is taken is high enough rather than having a traditional ‘Bad Genie’ and get her to blow up the country. One, this wouldn’t be correct to let children understand at a young age that if you are upset or angry with someone then you can take it out on something else and destroy. Secondly, Griselda isn’t a “typical” genie. She is young and mischievous but she doesn’t hate her brother, she feels upset and jealous of her brother, not hatred.

Friday 13th January 2017 –

Today I had audition prep with Sarah in the dance studio, we did a latin warm up and then stretched afterwards. She then asked me if I would perform my solo in front of the class and be up for comments to help me improve. So the first time I performed the comments were:

  • Your facial expressions are incredible
  • You are a triple threat Jess! You did so well
  • Well done!
  • I think it was lovely, look up and have a reason for looking and reaching up when you are doing the section where you are on your feet at the beginning of the piece.
  • Work on opening your legs wider when doing chaine turns because you have enough time and strength to use them for height and distance.

The second time that I performed my solo for them, thinking about the comments they said I did really well and they were impressed with what I have choreographed in such a short amount of time. This is thanks to Helena, Faye, Jess and Emma.

Here is the video that I have that shows the final version of my dance choreography. In the video I do mess up the second split leap in the air but I presume that after working on them I will be able to commit and do them well in the audition tomorrow.


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