Monday 30th January 2017 –

I had an audition yesterday at Mandy Ellen Performing Arts in Kent, Maidstone. I absolutely loved it! It’s my favourite school that I have auditioned for. All the dance lessons pushed me to my limit and I loved the teachers, they were all so lovely. My singing audition part went really well although I do have a cold and a sore throat so I apologised in advance. They also asked me to sing a second song which was belt. I chose to sing ‘ A change in me ‘ Beauty and the Beast unaccompanied. Anyway, my point was that I pushed myself so hard that I was unable to move my head or legs very well today.

In the lesson we started with our Tap lesson so we could add some more of the routine even though we didn’t have everyone with us. I enjoyed the lesson but I found it difficult to concentrate because I was so tired. We wanted to continue with the dance and so we decided to use chairs and do some leg work as a group to verify the dance piece because we are constantly standing up. Our plan for the dance studio is to have steel deck at the back of the stage so that we can use sections of the dance on top to get levels.

Secondly we had Jazz. I love Jazz but because I was so stiff due to the work out that I did yesterday that I did at the audition and so my legs wouldn’t kick as high as they usually go. My leaps went well though, both legs are almost flat and so I just have to keep thinking about the height and kicking as hard as I can. We then went through our dance routine that we are doing for the dance show, because there wasn’t everyone in the lesson we didn’t get to do the whole thing because there were so many of our team missing.

After that Sarah asked if I would do a workshop for the girls with one of the dances that I learnt yesterday at my audition. I decided to do a commercial dance because its something I have never done before and I really enjoyed it. So I taught the class and at the end we did it with some music that Sarah picked out for me. It was a little too fast but it didn’t matter.

Chloe and Faye then taught the group a dance to ‘Fame’ which I really enjoyed. The choreography all linked together well and the expressions on the girls faces were awesome. I think that I pick up routines really quickly now since I have started doing auditions.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 –

I wasn’t in today due to having the flu and being unable to move out of bed. I missed choir which I was annoyed about because I enjoy singing in the mornings and we don’t warm up like we used to last year which I don’t really enjoy and because my forte is singing I feel that I don’t have the time in the week to be looked at and I don’t think I am really improving. They have learnt more of the ‘Joyful, Joyful’ from the sheet music that I have at home so I listened through what I know of the song so far.

If I was at college, the next lesson after choir would be one with Paul focusing on our T.I.E project that we are performing in 2 weeks time. Paul sent the MT’s the backing tracks that he has done for us for two of the songs that we have already come up with and they sound awesome. I will try to link the backing tracks to this blog.


Wednesday 1st February 2017 –

I wasn’t in again today because my temperature was 40’C. So annoyed because I really wanted to get work done today but I couldn’t concentrate at all. I’ve been hallucinating and I’m tired constantly. However, my plan is to go in tomorrow and talk to the tutors about the decisions that I need to make and ask for help on them and also my essay that is due in next week.

Thursday 2nd February 2017 –

This morning I had employability with John Elliot on and a women from the Library came to talk to us about what we can use for our research in essay writing and topics like that. Including ClickView+ and Digital Theatre. We then talked about budgeting and we picked options out from a sheet and we have to pretend to have these certain jobs and work out percentages of the money that we are given back to certain places, tax…etc.



After this I had a free from 10:15 – 12:30. In this time I decided that I wanted to get some work done for our T.I.E commission and so Sian and I went into T0.07 and finished paper mache on the other side of the taxi we are creating to show that we are in New York.

We finished it rather quickly just the two of us and Sian suggested that it would be a good idea that we use tissue to set the piece and make it look smoother.

This video just shows the evidence that the tissue makes the product look smoother.

After doing this Sian, Scott and myself thought it would be a great idea if we could start learning the lines of the beginning section of the script that we are performing in two weeks time. I have so much on my mind that actually couldn’t remember any of the script that I had learnt when I came to performing it for Erica’s lesson which I was really frustrated about.

We talked about the Workshop ideas that we had afterwards with Sophia. Here is what we discussed and came up with:

Solo Workshop – Walk around the room and when we shout ‘EYGPT’ the children do the action.

Shouting Griselda and Emyrss and they react to how they should.

Paired Workshop – Freeze Frames

Griselda = 1 Person

Emryss = 1 Person

(They create a freeze frame when we say a certain scene in the show)

Small Group Workshop – Each one of us teach a group of children a verse each (or chorus) then at the end we will all do it together and then the children will come up with their own choreography (this will be the workshop that will take the longest)

Big Group Workshop – Running to the walls game (Erica suggested that maybe we could have the three kids wearing the hats attributed with their countries and the audience run to them the quickest. One person could run away at one point.

Here are some of the questions that we came up with:

  • Which place has camels?
  • Where is the Statue of Liberty?
  • Which place is romantic?
  • Which place is the hottest?
  • Which place has the central park? – not sure about asking this because we don’t actually mention it in the song

When we had Erica’s lesson we continued blocking the script and then talked about our Workshop ideas. She seemed really impressed with our progress. We then planned our next lesson because Erica is actually being watched as a teacher and so we decided to work on the Paris song that we haven’t started yet and the placement.

Friday 3rd February 2017 –

This morning I had a singing lesson with Paul. I will write my log for it below:

Singing Lesson with Paul –

In today’s lesson I asked Paul if he would help me understand the difference between the categories that I need to put my songs in. Including the Golden Era, 1960-1980’s, Character songs, Ballads and Morden Musical Theatre. Paul went through it with me and so now I understand what I need to do.

I then read through my repertoire and he thought that it was a little slow but I told him that B decided it was better if I started from the beginning and find new pieces so I can work on my technique. I want to find more pieces including ballads (slow songs e.g. I dreamed a dream) character songs (telling a story, about the character) and modern musical theatre songs because I want to verify my range and the songs I sing.

Paul wanted to hear ‘A change in me’ Beauty and the Beast which is a belt song, character song. Having not been well my voice wasn’t in the best shape. I sang through it once and he seemed to be impressed. He then talked about how he wants me to put more character into the song and he reminded me never to forget that it’s about the story at the end of the day. So therefore he asked me, how do you think Julie Andrews would sing this song? I said that she would pronounce each word and make sure the audience knew how she was feeling and not miss a single continent, vowel.

We watched a video of ‘Something good’ from the musical ‘A Sound of Music’ and we listened to about the first 8 bars and you could how she put emphasis on certain words so the meaning of the songs was clear and her feelings were clear through the words.

I then sang through it another time and I sung through it like Julie Andrews would of done. I sung it as though I was saying it and Paul and I could hear a difference between the song before and after I made the changes. Acting through song for me is something that I struggle with because I either lose the technique or the acting and I need to find a balance between the two. Paul thinks the same.

At the end of the session we sang through it one more time and he said that I did really well to listen to him and do as he suggested. He wants me to pick more songs for my repertoire and widen my range. So that is what I am going to do.


Extra Research =

·         Julie Andrews

·         Golden Era

·         Musical theatre songs – that I have and ones that I want

After my singing lesson with Paul I have audition prep. When I went to the Dance Studio to where the class were doing yoga, I didn’t want to interrupt to I sat in the corner until Sian asked if I would go to Purple Haze and rehearse our T.I.E project with the rest of our year. I agreed and so I went through my script and tried to learn as much as possible. Erica posted the new version of the script and I read through it to make sure I was okay with the changes and I really liked what she did with the ending. It included elements that we originally wanted and it had the elements that we were missing, including the return of Martin and ending the piece in a way that the audience will understand that it is the end.

At 11:30 to 12:30 Erica talked to us about our essays and helped us to understand what we needed to do for next week because that is when it is due. I don’t feel very confident righting this essay and I don’t know if the talk really helped me in the sense of what to write but the format and the order of paragraphs is clear to me now.

At lunch I wasn’t really hungry so I went to E0.44 and went through some new choreography and that I want to use for one of my solos in the dance show this year. It goes with the song ‘Sanctuary’ sung by Hope. I love the song ‘Beautiful Lies’ that Hope sings too.




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