Acting Lesson with Erica – 24.11.16

Today is the first day back at college for me. As I have been off sick I have been unable to come into college I have missed out on certain pieces of information for my TIE project. I am a little upset that I haven’t really had an input with what is happening in the script or songs or any of the storyline as a matter of fact; but I put my trust in my group and I think that they will make good decisions and will include me in their thoughts when making the decisions.

I have got some notes in my notebook that I have left at home so as soon as I get to my notes I will comment some more ideas and discussions.

I have the updated script put up on dropbox which I will try and link on here if I can figure it out.

What I think that the written script so far is impressive. I think that they have really thought out the whole rhyming process. The paragraphs that sophia are saying sound so smooth. However, once we read through it a couple of times we realised that there were a couple of things that didn’t make much sense so we are already thinking of different ways to change that and make it better.

We had a conversation about different costumes and as we are going by ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ I will be wearing green. A dress would fit my character best so I am looking in Tweed for the costumes that we already have. Erica also said that she might have a green dress at home that would fit me, that I could wear.

Image result for dungaree dress

I can imagine her wearing a dungaree dress for a second option if we couldn’t get hold of a cute little green dress. To take in consideration, my skin colour is really pale and so I have to make sure I don’t look washed out. However, we won’t have any stage lights as we are in a school so therefore I will only have the strip lights that we usually find in that kind of environment.

Image result for green school dress

This dress in the picture above is a green school dress. As we are at a school trip environment I think that she could wear this too.

Actually, I think we changed that idea and actually we are just friends and the ‘geeky’ friend which is Scott in this instance is wanting to take us to the local museum.


One thought on “Acting Lesson with Erica – 24.11.16”

  1. Jess, more in depth please. I’m not sure where to find your thoughts and reflections, your on-going evaluation of the progress of the project, are you on track, what needs doing, is everyone pulling their weight, what still needs doing, how professional is it? Please also record the process of developing your piece more thoroughly e.g. so that when songs change we can track the changes and why the changes have been made, as the script gets redrafted and refined so you are getting closer to the finished script all the changes need to be logged and explained. There may be changes that you don’t like but which you support for the greater good of the piece – explain your thoughts about it. What props does your group need? have you given yourselves a deadline for getting these? Are you rehearsing with substitute props? Do you appreciate how important it is to rehearse with something so that you can iron out any issues to do with picking up and putting down so they add to the story and don’t confuse it?


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