Monday 16th January 2017 –

This morning we had a dance workout which I really enjoyed, we also decided that we would stretch hard today so that we can compare our flexibility from the start of last year and now. We chose to do an ab and bottom work out which was something that we all wanted to improve on. As core is the main thing that I need when dancing I want to work on my core and being at my fittest so I can prevent injuries.

After our warm up we stretched. I am down in both legs splits, however I have been able to do these splits since I was 9 years of age so I haven’t really seen a difference from last year, however what I have seen a difference in is my box splits and split jumps and split leaps. I can reach the height that is needed to get the momentum to push out my legs quick enough in different directions to reach the potential split in the air. This is something that I aimed for at the beginning of last year so I do see improvement in my dance and technique since starting at West Suffolk College. As for my box splits, against the wall when I am stretching I am around 2 inches away from the wall and because I have a female chest I cannot push myself any further but I believe that if I could stretch in a different way I would be able to get all the way down to the floor. Sarah decided that Faye and I could try a different stretch for the box splits because we are both almost flat. What we had to do was sit in straddle against each other and pull into a hug where we are both flat. It looked a little rude so I felt uncomfortable doing it for too long.

We then did leaps, jumps, and kicks across the room to see the difference between stretching and not stretching well enough. I believe that I picked up the steps really well today and I have improved on how high I can kick my legs since being at auditions at dance schools because I have to try my hardest and compete with the girls who already have their legs up to their heads and I pushed myself and I think it has really helped me to improve quickly and efficiently.

Sarah then decided that we should work on spotting because this is something that we haven’t really had much time working on. This is especially useful for executing pirouettes correctly so we did chasse turns across the floor on both sides, following that we then did preparation for pirouettes with hand/arm movements. What I realised that I have to work on is my core. I need to think up, because I have noticed that when I do pirouettes I sort of slump and because I am going so quickly I lose balance.

Sarah then choreographed a routine quickly and taught it to us twice and then in pairs we had to perform in front of her with what we remembered. I found it difficult to do the beginning section of the dance correctly because I was stressing too much about where my arms had to be. This has notified me that in my next audition I should just forget about what I am doing with my arms as such but perform and the arm movements will come naturally. When I performed the piece in front of Sarah with Sophia I remembered the whole 1:30 dance and the beginning section worked well for me. I really think that doing this helped me considering all of my auditions are dance based and some extra audition practise has reminded me what I need to work on.

After the presentation to Sarah we then went through our dances that we are doing for the dance show this year. It didn’t go 100% because I was still thinking about the auditions coming up and so I didn’t have much time to think about what I was doing. For the tap routine, because I don’t have a partner to practise with I found it really difficult to keep up with everyone else. Instead on Sian, my partner is now Zoe.

Tuesday 17th January 2017 –

Today was an audition day for those who are currently in Year 1 thinking about where their next step is; therefore I had a day off. So I rested up and I looked at my audition pieces that I need to finalise before the 29th Jan for my next audition at MEPA in Kent.

Wednesday 18th January 2017 –

Today all I want to do is focus on completing some of the comments that are on my WordPress, and I want to research for my essay that is due in soon.

Later in the afternoon we decided as a group that we would like to arrange an appointment to see Lynn to ask her questions and arise to her attention, the ideas that we have for our workshop as part of our TIE project.

So we messaged Lynn and she decided that we could join the Year 2 Acting class at the beginning so she didn’t have to repeat herself when talking about the workshop. So we went there for about 20 minutes and here are the notes that I got from the talk with Lynn:

  1. Don’t cover information that the children will learn in the show when coming up with ideas for the workshop.
  2. Recommended to do the workshop after the show rather than beforehand.
  3. There are four different ways we want them to be involved:
  • Individually
  • Pairs
  • Group
  • Bigger Groups – ask teacher to check groups to make sure that the pupils are able to work well with each other.
  1. Make sure we know what we want our outcome to be.
  2. Physical movements was one of the examples that we could use to reinforce what the children have just learnt.
  3. Build up the exercises, don’t do the hardest first and the easiest last.
  4. Sort out at the beginning who will introduce the workshop and who will take over for the next section, each one of the performers need to have a section where they are leading.
  5. Start with a game where the children have to copy you. (getting their attention and control, making sure they understand our authority.)

Thursday 19th January 2017 –

This morning we had employability and we completed another one of those tests on line using quizzizz. I felt really unwell so I wasn’t really paying much attention to what I was needing to have done. This affected the grade that was given to me at the end of the test. I feel like if I would have done the test again and really focused on what needed to be done then I would have finished with a better grade, however the test doesn’t mean anything at all to do with my grades a college, the test is just some fun in Employability.

Later I tried to research some more information about Acrobatic dance however I couldn’t find any relevant information so therefore I will have to change my topic for my essay unfortunately.

In Erica’s lesson we wanted to start looking at finalising the blocking and thinking about the little things in the piece that we already have. Adding in extra definition in the piece to increase the layers of the production to make it more interesting for the audience to watch. We are all excited to accomplish our commission and present it to the little ones who are soon to be our audience.

Firstly, we looked at the new prologue that we have recently decided would be the best idea for our production to include all the information that we were missing. We read through the whole thing and roughly blocked as we went through. We decided that at the beginning we will walk in from different directions and ‘jump’ unexpectedly seeing the children and asking how they are. We then lead into asking them about their families and siblings and things like that. As we are introducing the good and bad genie they will stand behind us as a silhouettes. This is under our set and production side of things for our performance and we will have to bear in mind that we have to consider this when focusing on budgeting. We made a few slight adjustments on the prologue as we went through it because we realised that some of it didn’t make much sense. After finalising the prologue we went straight onto the original script however, this time we were thinking of ways to include gestures of extra little things to make to audience feel more involved or magical.

Number 1 – things we have changed/worked on:

Griselda’s act. We decided a long time a go that the bad genie wouldn’t be a ‘typical evil genie’ with the whole aroma of horribleness. Instead, we wanted her to be mischievous yet wanted her to look down upon the children because she is so bitter. She would speak in a way that makes the audience feel as though she’s not very nice, however not because she’s evil.

Number 2 –

The sighting of the Care Taker (Griselda in disguise). We needed a moment in the piece at the beginning where the children in the show meet the bad genie, but because she is in disguise the children don’t know that, but the audience do. To do this we suggested that the first two-three sentences that are said, are said off stage as we are walking into the performance space. Then Fluer knocks into the Care Taker and she’s really rude about it, Fluer says ‘SORRY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT’, Eleanor then says, ‘OOAH’ being sarcastic and winding her up because that is how I feel Eleanor would react. Finally, Timothy says ‘WHATS THE MATTER WITH THE CARE TAKER?’. This then sets the scene without it being too obvious but obvious enough for the audience to understand the concept of it.

Number 3 –

The correct structure for one section in the script. When Martin enters the stage there is a bit where the children freeze and this is where we become confused as to when act ‘shocked’ as the paintings are not where they are thought to be.

As we were reading through and playing around with it we thought it would be best if we were frozen before the curtain is pulled and after Griselda speaks to the audience. This then tells the audience that the Care Taker and Griselda are the same persona and will clear up any confusion.

Number 4 –

Freeze times. There are lots of sections in the piece where we are frozen and unfrozen. This is quite hard to contemplate and so I am going to write a list below of all the times where we need to be frozen. WE ARE USING A ‘CLICK’ TO INDICATE WHERE WE SHOULD BE FREEZING AND A SECOND ‘CLICK’ WHERE WE ARE TO UNFREEZE.

  • Revealing the paintings that are missing (before the curtain is lifted)
  • Just as we are coming out of the magical frame. All holding hands and in a movement position (I am holding hands with Tom and Sian, my right leg is up and behind me as the click is given)
  • Another click where Emryss asks Griselda where the paintings are – this is after I am wanting to start a fight and where Timothy cuts in and tries to stop the oncoming argument that the audience are about to whiteness is this was to carry on.

Number 5 –

New York Song Structure

We realised that we would be doing the structure to the song in a weird way that doesn’t really make sense, so we fixed it. We decided that we would link both the verses together and then only sing one chorus rather than two. The second time that we call Griselda we are going to ask the audience if they could help us call her loud enough so that we have some audience participation.

We added a little more dialogue here:

TIMOTHY – ‘We need to try again and louder’

ELEANOR – ‘I was shouting as loud as I could’

FLUER – ‘Boy and Girls, could you help us…’


ELEANOR – ‘That’s such a good idea Fluer! Let’s give it a try’


For the choreography for this song beforehand we are copying Emryss’ actions for a little while before we get the Taxi (Cab)

Number 6 –

Just to clarify, each time that we go through the frame Griselda will click and we will freeze mid through the frame when she says her section in the piece.

Number 7 –

Placement of the paintings. We have had many discussions about the placements of these paintings and we need to keep reminding ourselves how wide the space for this will be.

We are going to be placed in an inward triangle shape when the children are looking at the paintings so that the audience can see them as well.

Number 8 –

We had a little discussion about the Egypt Choreography and are thinking a little about doing something like the ‘Sand Dance’ Kepler. They use tap shoes and there is sand on the floor and that is why it makes a strange noise, we will not be able to use Tap shoes though unfortunately. Here is a youtube clip:

At the end of the session we planned to meet on Wed for 2 hours in the morning. I have just realised that a trip is taking place on that day and so Tom won’t be able to be there with us so we will have to reschedule.


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