U12 – WEEK 6

Technically there are a lot of things that we have got to think about. Due to having as little help as we can from the tutors as we are working on this commission ourselves we have got to provide a deadline for everyone’s pieces of music to be emailed to Jordan in an MP3 format by the 8th week I think was decided. I didn’t understand how to put a track into the MP3 format so I asked Jordan for advice and he said to look for a converter online so I did just that. I felt really encouraged when I was able to accomplish this.

The marketing side of performance was decided this week about publicity. Including a timetable that was created by Sian so we would all have a certain week to publish and share on Facebook about this show to make sure it gets out there. The reason why we wanted to create a timetable was so that it was equally distributed throughout the rehearsal time before the show dates.

I printed out the sheet music for the majority of the songs that I am involved with and so I felt more in charge about what my choices are and was determined to start choreographing different pieces and work hard to get a good grade at the end of it.

As for the progress presentation,  because we have not had enough time to justify our piece the tutors postponed our deadline for this until the 19th April which will give us enough time to go through everything and learn it well enough to present in front of others.


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