Monday 6th February 2017 –

This morning we had everyone in the lesson which is something we never really have! I wasn’t really feeling dance but once I started the warm up I enjoyed it and it was a laugh. I have improved hugely since the start of year 1. My flexibility has improved and I feel as though we have become closer as a group we all encourage one another and we don’t worry so much about going wrong or challenging ourselves.

We started with our Jazz routine that we are doing in the dance show and because everyone was there it was so much easier and we added a new section including a jump in the air with the supporting leg in attitude. After this we looked at the tap routine and finished the middle section that we are doing on the steel deck and sitting next to one another in a horizontal line. This is something that I have watched on stage before in awe and to be able to accomplish something so similar it was really enjoyable. Here is the video of our routine below. I have really started to place each movement in the correct place, however the new section I made a couple of mistakes on. After we finished going through the tap routine we went through the sequence that we have been learning since the start of the year. I was taught how to rotate the sequence today and I was really impressed with the outcome. At the end of the lesson we went through time-steps. I have perfected singles, doubles, triples, and triple cramp rolls; this was my aim for the beginning of the year to accomplish by the end of the year and I have already reached my goal 5 months in.

Our practical lesson was going to Asda with all 5 of us in Scott’s car to get extra props for our performance because we were told that we were would be able to have £30 for our budget which is something that we reckoned was non existent. We have kept all the receipts and so whoever paid for the props will get their money back. And in this case, Scott paid for everything from Asda:

  • Single, Flat Bedsheets X4
  • Paintbrushes
  • Brown paper roll

We then had lunch and after that we had a free lesson and so I went to Erica for help with my essay and she really helped me a lot. I prefer talking to Erica about work help than other tutors if I am honest because I feel she is more approachable than other tutors seem.

Tuesday 7th February 2017 –

Today we usually have choir but because the year 1’s are doing their commission show this year they are using the time to go through songs as a group which is understandable. So we went into T0.07 and started working on the props that we need for our TIE project that is taking place in 2 weeks time. Sian and I started painting the clock using acrylic paint. We were talking about whether we should use water or not and I told her that we needed to use water but she was prominent that we don’t use water with acrylics, anyway in end we found out that using water was the correct way to use the paints and so we just agreed together.

I then got out the bed sheet that we are using for our backdrops and decided to lay it out on cardboard considering that we are working in a large space that is used for a lot of various lessons. We used chairs to start with so that we could hold it together but we found out that this didn’t help and just made the sheet dirty, so we reverted to another way and just did sections of the piece at once. We started out by drawing the outline of the pyramids in a notebook just to plan what we were doing and change some things around with what we wanted and what would look best. Sian then drew directly onto the bed sheet with a pencil so we could see what we were painting. We then started to paint the triangles for the pyramids using a light orange colour. We left a gap for the shadowing that we are using a different colour for. We mixed some of the light orange and black which made a darker orange which was perfect for what we wanted to use it for. After we completed the pyramids, sophia left for lunch and Tom, myself and Sian continued to either create the camel heads that we are using in the Eygptian song or painting the sun yellow for the backdrop. Once we finished this we thought about what else we could include and I thought it would be a great idea if we could put a dark sunset onto the background so that it was similar to the picture of the painting that ‘Emryss’ paints. We all agreed as a group and went straight for, red first, dark pink second, orange then finally a bright yellow. Once finished I was so impressed and I really enjoyed doing it so it wasn’t as if the time was going slowly at all. I was a little frustrated that Sophia kept leaving and wasn’t really a huge amount of help to be fair but the rest of the group worked together and we accomplished what we had set out to do. I will show you a picture of the finished dropback below.

Looking at the picture above it doesn’t show you the exact size, it looks so much smaller on the photograph whereas in real life it around 6 of me laying down.

Once the backdrop was finished I wanted to get involved with everything else and so as Tom worked on the taxi and Sian was working on the camels, I plaited some extra bed cloth stripes for the harness that the camels would be wearing and what we are going to paint in different colours to make it more interesting and colourful. I plaited 4 in total.

I decided to started clearing up once I finished everything for the day. I got a black bin bag from the dance studio and cleared away what I could. The four of us, excluding Sophia tidied up the room really well I think. We then showed Erica and she was really impressed.

Here is one finished Camel that Sian spent her time doing today, I really like it. It’s really imaginable and it came together as she’d hope it would.

Thinking about costume ideas, the majority of us have our costume set. However, up until today I hadn’t really decided what I should wear. Therefore, I asked Erica if she would mind bringing in some dresses for me to try on because she had said before she she had a few that I could try that would fit with the production that we are doing.

So she brought in a green and a blue dress that had bicycles on it. I thought they were adorable and I loved them. So I decided to do a catwalk so my group would chose which one I should wear. But, considering that we have to agree as a group they left to get food and so I was left alone and asked the Year 2 acting group if they would choose. They didn’t know but they loved them both. Considering the first thing that we wanted to do was characterise our characters after the film ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ this would then mean that I would have to wear the green dress because Scott was already blue and Sian was red/orange. I went to Erica and she decided that I should wear the blue one because it had the bikes on it, it looked cuter than the green one and it fit beautifully. Here are the images of the dresses on me in different angles:

Wednesday 8th February 2017 –

This morning we had a run through with Erica which was needed for all of us so we could continue blocking the production and feel the flow. Considering that I went through the script twice yesterday night I remembered the majority of my lines and so I was really impressed with the outcome and Erica picked me out above the rest of the group to have really researched my character and remember my lines.

As we went through the script we added the little details in, including the clock chimes, the clicks for the genies to freeze the frame that the children are in. We wore our costumes when we were performing so we would be more comfortable with the clothing that we have decided to wear. I thought that the costumes were all lovely and colourful and interesting for the audience to look at… then I realised that as GRISELDA she wouldn’t be wearing colours, she would be wearing black and grey because she is from bland land and there is not a single colour there and that’s one of the reasons she steals the paintings, so she can decorate the place.

I didn’t have dance company from 3pm – 5pm because of the Year 1’s commission. So we decided as a group, excluding Tom (because he was rehearsing for Bent with Gary) that we would work on the Camel’s that we need to make for our props and ready for the lesson with Erica tomorrow because she is being watched for her teaching skills. At 4o’clock Scott and Sophia had to go for their own reasons and so Sian and I stayed until 5pm and kept working on the newest backdrop that I created. I was really impressed with what I had created and I decided that the background on the backdrop would be a blue to purple ombre for the night with a silver moon and stars, also including yellow lights for the buildings. Once we were done for the day we looked back on what we had done and we had painted to majority of the backdrop and all we have to do tomorrow is the sky colours to make the buildings and statue of liberty have some definition. I am also thinking about what shading we should include for the statue of liberty.

Thursday 9th February 2017 –
This morning we had employability and we had to complete a spreadsheet about budgeting that I really did not enjoy. After I completed it though I went straight onto working on my essay and I have researched a lot more and written more than I did last night when I was not able to focus.
After employability I went to the library and found some interesting books about mental health and it backed up my theory of exercise being used instead of medication that could be damaging later on in life.
For our afternoon session with Erica we had people coming in for a lesson observation. It didn’t feel awkward of tense though because we just got on with what we had to do. The lesson objectives on the board were loud and clear and each of us knew exactly what we had to do. Firstly, we went from the cue line into the freeze frame before the New York song in the TAXI. We realised that there are 4 counts of 8 and we needed to fill them with dialogue so the dialogue for that section now is Emryss and Fleur congratulating the kids for joining in with the song and then I add ‘This is amazing, look! The Empire State building’. This is a building that we haven’t talked about yet and so that’s why we thought it would be a good idea because that is in New York and its extra information for the children to absorb.
We then went through the Egyptian song using the camels for the first time. I didn’t realise how heavy the camels were going to be and was surprised when I was holding it upright by the ears. I feel that we should put inside the head a little bar of cardboard so we can hold onto that instead so the ears don’t fall or break off the camel’s head.
We sorted out the order and decided that we would be coming out from behind the flats that we are having on stage, we have 4 counts of 8 again at the beginning to get onto the stage with the camels, moving as though we were riding the camel in the desert. The last 4 counts are in canon as the camels move up and down.
Those who came in for the lesson observation left soon after this and so we had a little break. We then continued to work on the Paris song and set the choreography because that is something that we hadn’t looked at before.
Considering the formations that we have used for the previous songs we have included a box (square) formation for the New York song, a line for the Egyptian song and so we decided that we would have a triangle formation with two people on each inverted line so that we could face out as if we are on a tandem because they are originally made for two people to sit on. I thought this was a great idea! I then said about moving around one another with our arm interlinked. Leading from that Sian and I are going under the ‘bridge’ that Scott and Tom make with their hands. We then follow around into a line to do the cancan for the chorus. For the final verse we take pictures from left to right, then run on the spot then finally point to the back where the clock will be.
From 3pm – 5pm Dance company isn’t on due to the Year 1’s commission and so I am going to the library to work on my essay that is due in tomorrow! Sian and Sophia have decided they want to work more on the painting side of things for our commission piece and so they are currently in T0.07 painting the backdrop I assume.
Friday 10th February 2017 –
This morning we had audition prep. For the lesson this week we had B. We went into E0.44 which was the space available to us and we went through music theory, focusing on note lengths and importance information along those lines. Once we went through this we were put into groups of three to practising rehearsing to learn and pick lines up quickly. We were given a 10 line piece and she sang it through with us a few times and then we were sent away to put movement to it and make it as Western as we could with our accents. I really enjoyed the process and thought it was a really good way to encourage one another and get on top of the work and learn the lyrics quickly and efficiently. I was then asked to sing one of my songs from my portfolio that I had forgotten. B was not very impressed with me and so picked Lauren instead. She sang ‘The History Of Wrong Guys’ from KinkyBoots. I think she did a really good job with the pitching and volume but I feel that her accent changed throughout the piece and the acting side of the piece wasn’t quite accurate.

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