Monday 20th February 2017 –

Today we decided to go through our performance together and continue with the set that we needed finishing for Wednesday. We decided as a group that we wouldn’t take part in our tap and jazz lesson so we can focus on our TIE and props.

At 2 o’clock we were told that we would be performing in front of the year one MT’s and Actors which was really exciting because this is the first time that we have ever had anyone watch that isn’t Erica who knows where to react. We performed 2nd and we watched the shape collectors piece first because they have their performance tomorrow whereas we have ours on Wednesday. The feedback that we got from the year 1’s was really encouraging and they thought we executed it really well and I have to agree with that they have said. I struggled to react correctly with the audience participation in a few of the situations that I was put into.  This is something that I think I will struggle with, however I do think that I have some sort of advantage too because I work with little children every weekend and some of the comments that they come out with are hilarious and I just naturally reply to them without a second thought.

The set really works and I think that once everything is completed and we have everything that we need then it will be an excellent show. We completed all of the backdrops today and so we are just waiting for them to dry.

I will link the rehearsal below:

Tuesday 21st February 2017 –

Today we had choir in the morning and we went through ‘Joyful, Joyful’ and due to not being at the previous rehearsals I was behind and I was told to go onto the soprano 2nd position and so I had to learn new parts and I have concussion currently so it was really difficult. I need to photocopy the sheet music again for it too because I have misplaced it.

After this lesson we spent the lesson that we usually have with Paul doing set. I was so ready to get everything done and I was in the right frame of mind. So for an hour and a half Sian, Tom, Scott and I worked on the backdrops and so we are putting them together, measuring them, cutting them to size and connecting them to the railings with zip ties so that we would be able to flip them over the top of the rail without having to waste time and make it look messy by taking them off each time. So just about 2 hours later, we checked on Sophia to see what she had done… all she had done for two hours was cut cardboard and painted 3 out of 12 pieces. I was so frustrated. I then noticed that she hadn’t even painted around the statue of liberty’s crown. WITH THE MIXED COLOUR THAT TOM HAD CREATED. I reported back to the group and tom went and mixed paint to as close to the colour as possible and with a little brush went over the parts that Sophia missed out. It was so unfair on all of us that she did that.

In the afternoon we did another run with our props. We got the giggles this time however we plodded through and everything went well I think. We went to ASDA and bought another sheet so we could reveal the backdrops. We wrote with sharp bright pens ‘Martins Amazing Paintings’ however we realised that the apostrophe shouldn’t have been there.

I will link the video below:

Wednesday 22nd February 2017 –

Show day! I have never been so excited to do a show I don’t think. We all arranged to go into Scott’s car and meet at 8:30am. Sophia got the late bus in to college which was really frustrating and seriously unorganised. So we all had to deal with this in our own ways and so the rest of the group, Scott, Tom, Sian and myself went into the car and drove to Guildhall Feoffment which was the school that we were performed at. During the car journey to the school we went through the Paris song because it was the least prepared piece and so we concentrated on the timings of that. We spoke about what we were going to do for the workshop afterwards and we all agreed on a few selected things that we would revert to if we struggled to execute the workshop ideas that we already had in mind. Having being told a little too late that we are doing the workshop in a classroom rather than a hall where we had planned was something that we had to think quick on our feet about. Personally I think I did well to work with the obstacles that we hindering our workshop. I suggested a couple of ideas about working in groups to learn the song, to put them in pairs and create freeze frames of Emryss and Griselda, I also thought about asking the questions about the performance to the children and this is something that we did revert too and it worked well.

The performance overall went alright. We have done it better in rehearsals but it was so different in front of the children and the situation that we were in. However, we continued through the whole production and even when there were slip ups we kept going and were resilient! Lynn once told me that I was resilient and ever since that I have tried my best to fit what she told me I come across as. The workshop worked well too. Erica start off the workshop by getting each character to have an action that the children copied and then we switched it up a little and called out different names and they had to remember the action and or sound.

Thursday 23rd February 2017 –

Today for Erica’s lesson we were given spoken feedback and we all talked about what we thought went well and what (if we had another chance to perform) we would do to improve. I will link the footage below:

Friday 24th February 2017 –

Today I had a singing lesson with Louis because B was in London. Therefore I decided that it would be a good idea to perform a song that I haven’t yet done with B which was a character song of ‘I’d give my life for you’ Miss Saigon. What I don’t do enough of, which I know I should is background research for songs. I know that this is set in Vietnam in the middle of the war and I understand that she has had a baby with an American soldier who had a fling with her. He has a wife at home and she doesn’t know that until this song. She can’t get over to America and she’s trying to find him in the midst of everything. What Louis had suggested to me that I did was research the Vietnam war. So I did, I will link the evidence in the solo lesson page.




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