U12 – WEEK 5

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This week I was focused on character research and what I chose certain elements of my research to create my two characters Fern and Scarlet. I thought that it would be best to have two characters throughout the performance because then it would be easier for the audience to understand what I was doing and why. I then became confused about all the pieces that I was involved in and who I was playing. I decided to go through each of them so I could comprehend what was happening, here are the photos of the lists I made. (They are included in a slideshow above)

I had my doubts about separate characters within the show and the conversations that I had with other class mates it was a tough decision. This may change by the time I do my first performance but for now this is my decision and I think it works well.


One thought on “U12 – WEEK 5”

  1. potential evidence for problem solving (3.1, 3.2) planning and production (4.1) if photos are published

    evidence for evaluation and reflection (6.1, 6.2)


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