Singing Theory – 11.10.16

Today Paul was back for this session for the past 2 weeks. I was really excited about showing him what we had come up with because we had all worked hard for the end result.

Because B was there I was a little concerned about how we would show Paul our creation. Tom is very clever at listening to something and then playing it on the piano without sheet music in front of him so we played our recording to him and he played it back. As he cant sing and play piano at the same time, Sian sang out Tom’s section of the song. We sang through our song with Tom playing the piano and Paul listening and at the end once we sang the whole song through, we explained what we were thinking about why.

After this Paul told us that there were sections were he thought went really well and others that didn’t work out as well as we hoped. This included the chorus as the section of what he was impressed with and wanted to keep in the song. As for the other parts he didn’t understand why they were there and it didn’t tell him anything factual and that is what TIE is all about. Teaching Education.

After looking at this Paul wanted to talk to us about our Assignments and what we had done so far and what we should be thinking about doing to achieve a distinction.


One thought on “Singing Theory – 11.10.16”

  1. Jess, again this is a good record – what I would like to see is how you follow up this guidance for the TiE commission – what guidance has been useful and why, what you could and couldn’t follow up. If you look at your evaluation of unit 9 task 9 the evaluation the very points that Paul made about it needing to teach something and be relevant were being emphasised way back here as you were developing your piece. Do you think you have really taken this on board?


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