Acting – 06.10.16

Today is Scott’s Birthday! I think we were all really pumped and excited because it was Scott’s birthday. On the other hand, we lost a member of our Musical Theatre group. Beth decided that she wanted to do Acting rather than Musical Theatre because she is only auditioning for Acting courses and not Musical Theatre because she doesn’t feel strong enough in dance classes.

As we are looking at Theatre in Education we were looking at  children’s typical party games just as a warm up. We played ‘Musical Chairs’ I was so excited and I am competitive so I was so ready to beat them all at the game. I was getting really nervous though which made me feel like I was a child again.

We started the music and I had nervous butterflies in my stomach which I think made the game more interesting to play. I was on the 3rd round and Scott shoved me out of the way and into the chair and so I cut my leg… I thought this was really unfair.. anyway Tom won but gave half the prize to Scott because it was his birthday.

Afterwards we were talking about the previous year 2’s TIE projects. Theirs was different o ours because they have set scripts and for our project we have to come up with the script, characters, songs, choreography for the whole 20-30mins piece.

Anyway, so we took a script from ‘The Magic Book’ and we were given characters to read out. I really enjoyed doing this because it was enjoyable. We were then put into two groups of three and were given 10 mins to stage the piece and then perform it to the other group as if they were key stage 1 and 2. In my group I had Scott and Daytona. We have worked together before so we picked our characters quickly and efficiently. We then started staging and we all talked about different ways we could stage it and we worked really well as a team. So Scott was the prince, Daytona was the ugly sister and I was Cinderella.

I think I did really well when I performed it to the other group because I am used to working will little children and so I found it easier to cope with the random things that the group did because I am used to solving their problems on a daily basis. I talked down to the ‘children’ and interacted with them without intimidating them. I ignored the ‘rude remarks’ and ‘random moments that the children had, including the comments’ and continued with the piece until the end. Erica said at the end of the session that we worked really well together and we did well to keep going with the pieces, she also said that I cope well with concentrating when she was trying to take my focus away to her ‘the child’ watching.


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