Employability Lesson 1

Today we didn’t have any internet connect at college so I wrote down what we thought we would be doing in the next 5 years on a Word Document. Here is the picture that I took of the plan below:

That last sentence should be ‘If I did not go to drama school then I would like to have either done another course that I would have enjoyed and got a lot of pathways out of so I can take another route to the career that I love and want’.

To update on the decision as to whether a gap year was still an possible option for me has been concluded. I have decided hat it would be a really bad idea to take a gap year due to working on my dance technique and flexibility and audition practise…etc. I think that overall the concept of a gap year is good to raise money and spend extra time training but when I go to drama or dance school then I will be training anyway and a such a standard that by the end of the three year course I will be able to have a career out of it. Looking back at the first commission essay brief that I had to write about myself to promote myself to the college I said that I have always been interested in musical theatre and dance and now that I have almost had 2 years of training and I’ve had the taste I just want to go for it and not worry about what others think, this is about me and what I want to continue doing for the rest of my life and I feel like having a gap year would stop the flow of things and I have all these gifts and talents going for me and they just need to be trained so why waste that and throw it away? It doesn’t make much sense to me and it sure doesn’t make sense for those who are in the same career path/journey as me.


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