Solo Lesson – 20.1.17

In today’s lesson I asked B if she would help me decide what song to choose for my final audition in Kent on the 29th January. We went through my repertoire and she told my to choose my top three. I chose:

  1. A Change In Me – Beauty and the Beast
  2. Why Was I Born? – Sweet Adeline
  3. Don’t Cry out loud – A Boy From Oz

Afterwards we sang through my top two and we talked about what I think I prefer would be best for the audition coming up and what would show off my voice. I told her that I preferred to sing ‘Why was I born?’ Sweet Adeline. We sang through it three times and each time we adjusted something different. The first time we adjusted my posture when I was singing because I am used to singing with my pelvis flat and once I tilt my pelvis it tightens my core and uses the muscles that I need to tense to be able to sing better. The second time we discussed what the show was about. I told her that I didn’t know a huge amount about the musical but I told her what I knew, which is enough to base the emotions upon in the song. She asked me to say the song as a monologue and I found that I was saying the words in a rhythm that I sing the song in. I then did it a second time without the rhythm and lost the words. This is something I need to start doing; learning the song as a monologue first so I can understand the monologue and then learn the melody second.

Finally, I asked if she would help me with the last section of the song to present the last note which I was struggling with (holding the note, not hitting it). So we went through it again, listening to how it sounds. She told me to make the ‘and’ more of an oval in my mouth and soften the word so the mouth is prepared for the high and long note I was worried about. This was a breakthrough for me, I could hold the note and it sounded beautiful. As Ryan’s lesson is straight after mine he came in at the very end of my lesson and was impressed with what he heard.

B also told me on a side note that I sing with such a grown up sound and its really beautiful to listen too. She also told me that I musically put things into the song that is something that someone of my age shouldn’t really be able to do and she loves it. I don’t realise that I do it nevertheless but its really nice to hear such a lovely comment.


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