1 – Hallelujah Combination Piece

My first initial idea was based on a piece that the year ones created for their commission ‘Inspired by film’. Ryan, Thalia and Sophia produced a piece about ‘the theory of everything’. It was really effective and left the audience emotional. I decided that I wanted to be involved with something like that, but interlinked with our theme. I investigated a type of song that I believed that would suit the theme and I automatically thought about Christian worship songs including ‘Hallelujah’, ‘I surrender’ and ‘Oceans’. After consideration I thought it would benefit the singer and dancer more if we used ‘Hallelujah’, this is due to the pace and key of the song. The harmonies in the song also speak for themselves in terms of emotion. The reason for why I didn’t pick ‘Oceans’ was due to the pace of the song. I didn’t chose ‘I surrender’ either due to the length and the chorus having been repeated too many times that the audience would become uninterested. Baring in mind, those that are in our year may find it difficult to sing, we also don’t have a live band or the equipment, including instruments to create our own.


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