Jazz – 14.11.16

Today I was so excited to get back to doing dance because I have missed so much time doing the dances due to being ill. We started off with a warm up and I felt a little faint but I continued to warm up and stretch. Apart of the warm up included kicks and jumps from one corner to the other on different legs. After warming up we did some cardio. This included 32 sit-ups, planks, press ups, bench presses, crunches and leg holds to get to the bottom of the muscles in my stomach.

We then began to look at our choreographed piece for the dance show coming up. I absolutely love this piece so I just wanted to get stuck in and go for it. We went through it once and then realised that I hadn’t learnt the extra part that was taught last week because I wasn’t there. I was taught and because I pick things up so quickly I didn’t struggle to adapt. The beat is the same at this point however the girls voice slows down and I will be dancing to the girls voice rather than the beat behind it.

The new section is as follows:

*After the double pirouette this is the choreography that follows

  1. Down on left right leg, left leg across the body
  2. Roll up slowly to standing
  3. Drop down onto the other leg
  4. Reach out to the audience with the right arm
  5. Cross the arm in front of my face and twist until its above my head
  6. Twist arms downwards
  7. Run quickly backwards into semi-circle formation
  8. Hold for 20 seconds so that Faye R can do her lift with Tom and Scott
  9. Pull right to left with straight arms

We then did it a couple of times and I started to feel funny. We were doing turns and split jumps in the air which is included in our dance piece and then the whole of my left side went numb and I couldn’t figure it out. I tried it twice again and fell over. Then I had a huge pain on the right side of my head. I felt faint and Sam had to catch me before I did. Then I had to sit out which I was really frustrated about and I think I was crying more about how upset that I was that I wasn’t allowed to dance than the pain itself.

I was then told to sit out and watch whilst they did tap but I wasn’t having that so I put my tap shoes and continued to dance however we were doing a warm up and I usually find this easy because the moves are simple but my brain wasn’t working properly so I could cooperate.

I then nearly passed out, I was over working myself and I know now not to do that.


One thought on “Jazz – 14.11.16”

  1. Jess, this was a good lesson for you to listen more to your body and pay attention to it. Sometimes you can learn a lot from watching and seeing how other people are working.


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