Today I have improvability with Erica with the Musical Theatre Year 2’s. I was really fun and it boosted my confidence a little, I know that after continuing to do this, I will be able to have a great skill of improvability with confidence. We played a few games and had to finish early because Erica had a meeting.

Here is the list of games that we did:

  1. Expert – This is where you have two people for the first round. One person is an interviewer and another is the expert. The audience members pick and animal and an object for example the first one that we had for Scott and Sophia was ‘Cows’ and ‘Knitting’ so therefore when Sophia interviewed Scott, he had to answer the questions as if he knew all the answers and was investigating what the audience had picked. The second round included two other people. I was one of these people. I had to go behind Sophia and be her ‘arms’ and Tom was Scott’s. It was hilarious, we chose what we wanted to do and they had to each react to what we were doing to it looked as if it was their body doing it.
  2. Actors Nightmare – This one consists of two people. One person is interviewing the other person a job interview for example and the other person is the one who wants the ‘job’ but they are not allowed to answer back with a normal comment, they have to answer only with the text in a book. The book we used was a Mr Men book. It was hilarious, it made no sense and it was harder for the interviewer to think of answers and questions to what they were hearing and I think that Beth did a really good job.
  3. Random Lines – This one is for two people or more and the audience writes down some random lines for example, ‘I love butterflies’ and each actor takes two lines and in random points of the scene they read out one when it is relevant and see what happens from there, the other person/people have to respond to what is being said. The audience don’t only pick the statements but they also pick the characters in the scene and the  theme. For example, when I did mine with Sian our theme was the Yoga room, we were best friends catching up on life and a theme that us as actors came up with was dating.
  4. Turn Left – For this game there are 4 people. Set out as a ‘box’ (2 people in front and 2 people behind) and the audience pick a emotion and an object/place for the front two to act upon, we all then move left, there is one more new person at the front…etc.; until we are all involved. Then there is one person, for us it was Erica which would tell us to either ‘turn left’ ‘turn right’, or ‘turn right 3 times’…etc. It’s really fast and you have to think quickly about what just happened and who you are with including the themes and things like that.


This morning I had audition class. I didn’t realise at the time and so I felt really pressured and unorganised about what I was going to do. In the end, I realised that we were basically just showing our summer portfolio which includes, songs, dances and monologues so I picked a monologue to start out. I chose ‘Angela’s Monologue’ from Like a Virgin, by Gordon Steel. I brought up the words with me because it was a safety thing that is something that I need to work on; I realised as I began that I actually do know the piece and didn’t look at the sheet at all apart from at the end where I was a little unsure. We recorded this and so therefore I will link this below.

I then had a singing lesson with Birgitta Kenyon which is the first lesson with her.

I went in and sang ‘Why was I born’ Sweet Adeline. She told me that I had a nice tone to my voice but she told me that it at sometimes it sounded tense. We then talked about the anatomy (vocal flaps, larynx, air moving through the throat from the diaphragm.)



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