Group – Singing Theory – 18.10.16

Today for singing theory we shared our main idea of what we wanted to include for our TIE project.

Our first main idea that we came up with as a group was as follows:

A young girl going on a quest in a dreamland.

Simple and something that we could use for broad subjects. We then discussed it a little more at it grew and grew into an idea that we could all understand and we all worked together really well and it was something that I enjoyed working on.

Here are the pictures of all the notes that I took in the lesson:

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I think that overall when we come up with our piece we will be really proud of it and we will work together to sort everything out.

The hardest part for me when discussing the ideas was to make sure we understood what was happening and why is was happening. We don’t want anything to be dislinked. For example, we cant just have a song about ‘roman roads’ and not have a story linked up to it.

For our final idea of the day we decided that there would be a girl would could maybe have been bullied and the bully has signed her up for a song writing contest which is due tomorrow at lunch and there is no way for her to get out of it. That night she falls asleep and then had a dream and in the dream she has to go on a quest to come up with the song and meets three characters along the way which help her write the song. So first she meets Shakespeare who has some written words for her, but she doesn’t understand them so she has to ask for his help. When he does she is left with some words but then meet Einstein who teaches her to count, this then enables her to come up with rhythms which then lets her come up with a melody for the song. Then, she sees Beethoven who has the other half of the melody and teaches her to sing the song. The moral of the story could be not to let bully’s pull you down?

We did have an idea about the girl being in a coma and she is in this dreamland and she has to go and complete the quest and say spells so that she can get out of the coma. Then Tom had an idea about the girl having mental issues so she becomes depressed and so the quest takes longer to complete, then we realised again the age group that we were performing and decided that we better not go into those sort of issues and diverted completely.

Also, Daytona has decided that she wants to move course to straight acting so when she leaves we will only have 5 people in our course which is really frustrating.



One thought on “Group – Singing Theory – 18.10.16”

  1. Jess, this is a good record but doesn’t really contain much reflection and evaluation – this is an area I want you to really try and develop; it will not only help you with this qualification but will prepare you well for being an independent and effective practitioner in the future.


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