U12 – WEEK 3

Having had given over my proposal and ideas including the research that I have done so far for this project we are all waiting for the day Lynn and the tutors decide what should be included and what should be taken out.

On the 29th March 2017 we had a little dicussion with Lynn about the first draft of the ideas and how it will all link together as a full show. It was decided that the show would be a cabaret club that is in modern days.

Above is the talk that we had with Lynn about the first setting for the show with the list of pieces that would be involved.

We had a discussion about characters and whether or not it would be a smart idea to continue throughout the show staying the same character or performing as seperate individuals for different pieces. I decided that I would make the decision for myself before the answer would affect me. Originally I wanted to have two characters throughout the piece. One of my characters that I chose for the ‘devilish/sin’ character was a girl named ‘Scarlet’ after the evil lion from ‘The Lion King’. On the other side my other character was a girl named ‘Fern’ who would be the angel character who always knew her rights from wrong. When we had the discussion, the outcome was as follows:

“MTs – in response to your question, I don’t think it’s ENTIRELY possible for everyone to play the same character all the way through – although if you can find a through line then please do! I reckon there will need to be some cases of ‘go off as one and come on as someone else”

After a lot of pros and cons and thoughts about what would be best for this show I finally decided that I wanted to have one charcter and I chose ‘Fern’ she would be an angel that would be in this situation to spread wisdom to others before thier lives turn into a huge mess. The first piece that I am involved in is ‘Angels and Demons’ originally sung by Melissa Otero. I would sing this to the couple of dancers to warn them about the two sides of people and the way people treat one another isn’t always the correct way. The second piece that I perform is ‘Bring on the men’ which would be a performed as if I am a performer for the club. I am actually an act for the audience on stage and the paying audience. For the second act I am in three more pieces before the end of the show and these are my thoughts about these pieces. ‘Hellfire’ I am a performer for those in the audience on stage and for the other half of the song I would be a ghost like figure because I am not really there, I am a figure of his imagination. ‘James’ is lusting over me and his imagination comes to life as the other characters in the club will ignore the fact that I am dancing for him as I’m just in his imagination. Straight after this performance I have a quick change to then come back onto the stage and sing ‘Apples’ originally performed by Philippa Hanna. I decided that this would be another opportunity to warn Sophia about the situation that she is in and tell her how my experience has been and what I did to get over the pain of not having a boyfriend for so long and waiting until the time was right. ‘Rebel’ Alyssa Bonagura is the finale for everyone and this is the final opportunity to give advice and wisdom to those in the audience.

The set ideas arose today on our communication of Facebook which was really interesting. I had been thinking about different ideas for the set since the beginning of the process but I was too nervous to tell anyone about them in case they didn’t like them or they weren’t good enough. However, waiting patiently untill the ideas came from the techies of year 2 was wonderful. They had such great ideas and I couldn’t wait until the costume run where everything would be exciting and nervewracking but we’d still have enough time to sort things out if they needed it. The images are below:

Image may contain: drawing

Image may contain: drawing

Image may contain: drawing

I love the fact that there had been the idea of levels used throughout the set. This will enable us to improvise and use the set personally and it will look natural.

Another part of marketing that was brought up was alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the audience members. Leah Smith is in charge of this and so far I think she has done a wonderful job. Mocktails are what she decided to make for the children or those who do not want to drink alcohol and cocktails for those who do.

Overall, this has been an eventful week, I have gone through the pieces that were allocated to me and there has been a lot of discussions about individual pieces and different things in the show that need to be resolved so the show can be the best it can be.


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