U12 – WEEK 1

This week was based on individual research ready for presenting them in front of the year to be discussed whether or not it is suitable to be put into the show for the Final Major Project.

As a second year, it has bewildered me on how quickly my time here at Conservatoire East has gone. I have learnt so much throughout this and I am ready to use the skills and techniques I have learnt for this final major project. This project is the most important to all of us in the year and so my predictions are that we will be able to work together and there will be little arguements because we all understand how much this means to all of us.

I have had so many ideas about what to include for this show, however when I research into it further I’m really not sure whether it really fits into the theme as much as I think it could. I have felt calm about this so far and so it hasn’t alarmed me that we have less than 10 weeks to put on this show considering that we originally had 13 weeks but due to holiday times and days off and recieving our theory work load only on the 3rd week I will be shorter than inspected.


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