U12 – WEEK 9

Monday 24th April 2017 –

Deadlines for both 3a and 3b were due in today and so I spent all of last night doing it so it was prepared for the morning on this day. I completed it with only 3 hours sleep and so I was so tired and I wasn’t functioning properly since I have hardly slept all week learning pieces and updating WordPress. To be honest, at the moment I am seeing all that I am doing for Saints and Sinners as a chore because I’m not enjoying nagging people to rehearse with me so I just focus on my own pieces and it isn’t as fun on my own.

These are the pieces that I have been doing today and I will tell you how it is going and if there is any issues so far.

  • Poisoned apple – Philippa hanna – Sophia and myself went through this together for the first time and we performed it in front of Beth and Tom. They seemed to really like it and thought that for the first time it sounded pretty good and my tone personally was really nice. The main issue here is at the moment, Sophia is struggling I think to hold onto the tune and so it is difficult for me to harmonise over the top of her because she naturally goes onto my harmony and then there isn’t the strong bottom line still going. I think if this is to continue I might ask Tom to sing along with Sophia the bottom part so I can harmonise over the top.
  • Hellfire – Listening to this song and trying to start the choreography. From the hour that I spent doing this I only really had a few movements that I really liked and only had a starting position for the piece.

Those are the two pieces that I really focused on today because I didn’t have a huge amount of time and those were the two that I am least confident about.

We also had a marketing meeting today talking about another trailer and what we thought as a whole group. Also, the topic about letting Harry do the media film in a time slot where we will be rehearsing is also there.  I will link the video below:

​​Tuesday 25th April 2017 –

Today was a really productive day. Throughout the day I was thinking about the time we’ve actually had to far and how much we’ve done as a group. I am so impressed with all of the year 2’s as a whole.

We started learning the choreography for the dance section of ‘Bring on the men’. At the beginning of this process I really wasn’t feeling this piece because I didn’t see how it fit within the piece but now that I have researched about cabaret clubs and what they entail I have a better understanding I really enjoy the piece and I think its a great way to get everyone together and work as a whole. Teamwork is a skill that we are all so persistent about and we all want to do well so there isn’t time to mess around.

I will link the first snippet of the dance we have choreographed so far below:

We also went through the costume cupboards in the dance studio and we found a first draft of what we wanted to wear for this dance. I made sure that I was able to dance whilst wearing this and it was suitable, considering the target audience is for all family members and so we can’t wear something that is too revealing. However, I personally think we should have corsets that are like mine and they are all matching because I reckon that the corset that Vicky and Sophia, maybe even Faye’s corset are a little too revealing. As for the fishnet tights, we will be wearing character shoes so I think it will look better than it presumably in this photograph. I don’t think that the fishnet are a necessity because the corsets and skirts look good with and without if you look at the picture below.

Wednesday 26th April 2017 –

Poisoned Apple – Structure of the song to enable Tom to learn the chords in an order.








(maybe ooh’s at the end)

From the start of the week a lot of negative stuff at home has been happening and so I have hardly been able to focus on anything that’s to do with WordPress and because I have done so much I have a couple of days where I have had a break from it.

At the very start of the day I had two hours to crack the WordPress that I have been avoiding and another issue popped up and I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to the dance studio and decided that I would dance and choreograph the dance to ‘Hellfire’.

Zoe helped me with this dance because I was struggling so much with it and so she was so helpful. I will link the video underneath of what we have so far. We have accomplished the first verse of the song. We performed the song every time along side Scott singing.



​Thursday 27th April 2017 –

Today I wanted to focus on ‘Rebel’ by Alyssa Bonagura because I haven’t actually gone through this at all yet. So I decided that having a meeting with the rest of the band was not an option today due to everyone doing their other pieces so I decided that I would spend as much time as I needed to go through the music and listen by ear to learn the chords for this song as I am playing the piano. At first I found it really difficult because there is no sheet music to go by. So what I did to overcome this was I looked on google and found simple chords that would be used for the song and learnt the first four to have a feel for the tune, tone and key. I then listened to the original track at least 10 times so I could learn the tune on top of the chords and play it by ear. I am so proud of myself for learning this so quickly. I have realise how much I get out of performing once I have put a lot of effort into something I really care about.

Once I had learnt all the phrases of this song I continued to learn it at home on my own piano and this is the only time I had to record the introduction on the song and singing the first verse of the song alongside the chords so I got the feel of it as a whole, also as practise so that I didn’t perform it to the group and sound out of tune with the singing because I couldn’t play both the piano and sing at the same time. However, this isn’t something that I have really ever struggled with; I personally see this as a gift that I have received and I will use this for a greater benefit in my life someday.

I will link my first bash through of the intro, verse and chorus below:

Friday 28th April 2017 –

Today the plan was to have a meeting with the the group of people in the band for ‘Rebel’ because we have been to the theatre to watch ‘Twelfth Night’ and we were there from 10:30 – 3:00 so the majority of the day was used up. This didn’t help at all but it was nice to have a break from it all, knowing that the next time that we go through FMP will be with fresh eyes.


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