U12 – Task 1a

U12 Project Proposal JL

The above link shows my project proposal in full detail.

This is my filmed evidence of my ‘Saints and Sinners’ presentation of my ideas.

Unit 12 – Task 1a

The above link shows my PowerPoint and the structure that I used to talk about my ideas with the class.

Addendum to my proposal. 05/04/17

The framework of the piece has been finalised by the tutors and we are now officially setting the piece in a cabaret style club. Within this setting we are able to cast people as the ‘performers’ and ‘punters’. Punters meaning someone who gambles, stated in the Cambridge English Dictionary. This instantly introduces an array of characters and the research that can be done to create the most natural characters raises.

Knowing what I am doing in the production, I have many ideas that I have thought about including whether to find a through story for one character or to become different characters throughout.

Here is a list of all of the pieces that I am a part of overall:

  • Angels and Demons – Melissa Otero (This will be underneath a duet dance on abuse) I decided for my initial ideas that I would want to do this to the ‘hallelujah’ sung by pentatonix  however I have thought about the lyrics and what they entail and I think it was a wise decision.
  • Bring on the men – Jekyll and Hyde. Leslie Bricusse and Frank Wildhorn. (This is a group number including 10 females in total, including myself. Emma is taking charge of this and will cut certain parts of the music that will work out musically so it can cut around 2 minutes of music that is unintended. I have faith that this is going to be an awesome number.
  • Hellfire – The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (This is a song that will be sung by Scott and I will be dancing. I am not sure yet to what type of dance it will be or what it will be about. However, the research I will do that is around the topic of Notre Dame and the lyrics I will soon come up with a strong idea that will link in with the subject that we have been given.
  • Poisoned Apple – Philippa Hanna (This is a duet with Sophia and myself) It is about how love isn’t so straight forward as we think it is. We have to understand and acknowledge how to love ourselves before we think about sharing our heart with someone else. After all, how can you love someone if your heart isn’t complete?
  • I’m a saint and I’m a sinner – Alyssa Bonagura ‘Rebel’ (This includes everyone in the cast.) There will be a collected band including, Scott, Tom, Daytona, Beth, Sian and myself. Tom will be leading the group and will ask Paul to help him to compose the music in a key that will work with everyone including those who are singing.

Instruments we have decided we are going to use for this band piece includes:

  • Tom – Piano
  • Scott – Guitar 1
  • Myself – Guitar 2
  • Sian – Percussion
  • Daytona – Double Bass
  • Beth – Viola

Either Scott or I could be learning to play the electric guitar because of the track that includes this style of music. I am up for learning electric guitar for the group. It will be a challenge and I am up for a challenge.

Due to the difficulty of finding the song ‘Rebel’ Alyssa Bonagura I will link a YouTube clip that shows the song below:

Considering all the pieces that I am involved in for my final production the skills that will develop me as a performer, including organisation skills that are important within the industry as a musical theatre performer. Without organisation I would never be able to calculate my time and work at the correct pace to finish projects. Without organisation and time management I wouldn’t be able to arrive to performances on time and would lose out on a lot of job offers. For each piece that I am participating in I have to acknowledge the skills that I need to perform at my best. For example, for my first piece singing ‘Angels and Demons’ I will have to evaluate all the singing techniques I have learnt throughout the two years at being at college and weigh out which I think will help me best. I will also have to think about special awareness considering that I will have dancers performing with me also. For a Musical theatre career, I have to be strongest in acting; without acting techniques I am unable to identify how to tell an audience a story. Therefore I will have to revisit different acting techniques for example, Augusto Boal, Uta Hagen…etc. However, the majority of this will come naturally to me considering it’s been the only thing I have done for the past two years. For the second time I entre the stage I am singing in a group with 9 other girls, this increases the chances that I will need to think about self – control, taking leadership in helping learn harmonies with the other girls who need help due to the lack of training in the singing side of things. Having had choir every week this will help me include everyone and make sure that we are all getting a fair amount of the song each so we can show off our skills to the audience without it being too one person led. Thirdly, for the Hellfire dance I will e thinking about choreography and researching different choreographers and what they have done and if I like their style then I will take initiative and adapt to what I have seen. As for the duet, I love singing and I usually do duets with my sister at home and having done this for my whole life, I know how to hold harmonies and keep strong on a melody. My singing skills is something I will share with Sophia as I feel that she is less confident with the singing side of musical theatre. Lastly, I have been in a band before and so I know the fundamental settings and understand that I need to work hard to accomplish the pieces for everyone to click together. This has to be a huge amount of team work because without it nothing would work together and it will sound ‘bity’ meaning that one part will be stronger than another and it will be confusing as an audience member who is listening because it won’t be flowing as a whole. As well as teamwork, it will involve persistence to learn how to play a new instrument. To naturally be able to pick things up really quickly I think this will work out better than other people judge it will.


2 thoughts on “U12 – Task 1a”

  1. Jess, your project proposal shows you have a good understanding of the broader context within which the Saints and Sinners project is going to be developed, particularly in terms of theme, staging, audience, budget, production etc. You have proposed (and presented although you haven’t yet uploaded the link to your presentation) your own ideas for this theme and these relate clearly to your own development and progression plans.
    Now that the framework / structure has been collectively agreed with Lynn Whitehead it would be helpful to review the particular scenes and roles that you have been given in the context of your development and the opportunities it will allow you. This could be done as an additional entry to this post.


  2. significant additional evidence added to this task
    evidence for context (1.1, 1.2) research (2.1, 2.2) problem solving (3.2) evaluation & reflection (6.1, 6.2) and presentation (7.1, 7.2)


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