Jazz and Street dance – 17.10.16

Today I was feeling pumped when I finished warming up this morning. I couldn’t wait to start dancing. To start with we looked at the ‘Scary dance piece’ that we have currently composed. I really like this dance and I think it gives me a chance to shine. Working with the year 2 dancers as well as Musical Theatre students motivates me to do well. I want to be at the same level that the dancers are on and dancing with them makes me feel like I am.

We only went through this dance three times which for me was not enough because I wanted to learn more of the dance but due to only having 7 in the class at the time there was no point in learning something and then having to learn it all over again because we have to explain it to someone else when they come back after half term.

We then were told that Sam was going to take the rest of the session and teach us some Street Dance. I didn’t feel confident doing this at all. It’s not the sort of dance that I would go to for my first choice. I enjoyed learning the new skill however I don’t think I have enough style and so I felt like a whale compared to everyone else. My body doesnt feel relaxed enough to let the moves look like water flowing. Also, the mix of fast and slow beats in the movements was really confusing for me.

Here is the video of Sam doing the routine up to speed with the music that we used:

I found the first half of this dance really difficult, my feet just didn’t seem to be doing what I wanted them to do with my hand movements linked.

Here is the video showing all the dancers and MT’s doing the street dance routine. You can’t really see me but I am at the back because I am not confident with the dance. On the other hand, when I practise this dance I will hopefully get the moves in order.

Looking back at the video, I could have treated the dance with a little more confidence and should have just gone for it rather than hiding in the background behind the boys.

The speed of the dance is something that I struggled with due to linking the moves together. When we were practising the dance at half the speed I could do it but once the music was there and it was double time I was really lost.

Actually, I did manage to dance all of it throughout without messing up once! I was so impressed with myself.


One thought on “Jazz and Street dance – 17.10.16”

  1. Jess, same problem with these videos too, they are private so they are not viewable, please make them unlisted, I think we should then be able to view them.
    I find it interesting that you are sometimes your own worst enemy – you went to the back, you pre-judged your ability to do the dance material and yet you didn’t go wrong doing it. Try and look at why it bothers you to be seen to make any errors when learning new material in a style you are not used to – what can you do to try and change your mind set about this?


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