Acting, Devising Lesson – 17.11.16

In today’s lesson with Erica we cleared up what I had missed again so I was ready to continue the conversations that they were having about the project. I feel as though in this lesson I communicated with the group members about what I thought would be best and what I thought would work and what wouldn’t.

The first thing that we discussed was speaking in rhythm for the Good Genie and the Bad Genie to tell the difference between a mythical creature and a factual being. I thought about how we would distinguish who is who and so we went through costumes ideas for each character. Here is what we thought overall we should do for each:

  • GOOD GENIE – Contrasting colours with the Bad Genie
  • KID NUMBER 3 – THEODORE / ELEANOR (THE IMPRESSIONABLE, CUTE, DITZY ONE) green dress, hair in bunches, bolero over the top, heels? not sure?
  • TOUR GUIDE – (DISGUISE CHARACTERS) Clip board for a prop? Name Tag?

Image result for alvin and the chipmunks  Image result for alvin and the chipettes

We then talked about why everything was happening? The ins and outs of what was going on in the story.

  1. do genie’s need to be summoned?
  2. how are we going to summon the genie?
  3. will this be used as a tool for interacting with the children?
  4. where do the genies live? – originally they live in a lamp.
  5. are they related? – My idea was that they were brother and sister and they had an argument and so that’s why the ‘bad genie’ wants to take her brothers favourite pictures to get him back

We then spoke about these questions and came up with the idea that the genies are related and they have had a argument and fallen out. The bad genie then decided that it would be best if she would ruin the good genie’s day and so takes his favourite pictures from the museum and as he introduces them to the children they have gone.

As they both live in the lamp.. unless they both live in two separate lamps. It would make more sense if they both live in different lamps. The lamp that the bad genie lives in is called ‘THE BLAND LAND’ this is where everything is grey and so that why her name is GRISELDA because ‘gris’ is grey in French. The Good Genie must live in a very colourful home and so that reflects his emotions, bubbly, kind, helpful, problem solving.

We then thought about the introduction to the piece and have decided that we are going to introduce GRISELDA as the first thing we do because she is a really important character to distinguish before the storyline starts because without the audience knowing that she stole the pictures then there would be no point in starting to tell the story because the children won’t have a clue with what is going on. This is where she can introduce the factor of rhyme. This will be where she talks about how her brother has annoyed her and she is planning to take the pictures, making sure that she uses rhyming words.

We also decided that we would interact with the audience as if they are apart of the school class, visiting the museum as the school trip.

Then, thinking about summoning the genie so that he can help find the pictures for the Tour Guide because he is sad we decided that we could interact the audience further by choreographing a really simple dance that they need to copy. Sian has decided to take this on board and so by tomorrow we should have some choreography for that section.

We then talked about the song that we have written alongside the tune ‘She’s coming round the mountain when he comes’.

Here is the original song that we have used for our simple melody.

I will write the lyrics underneath this sentence as I need to look at what they are and take a picture of them.

I will also link our version of the song below:



One thought on “Acting, Devising Lesson – 17.11.16”

  1. Jess, this is quite a good record of what was done. It seems incomplete though at the end. I would also like to see evidence of planning and organisation – don’t forget all the skills that you have been trained in in your first year – planning and organisation came in to units 5&6 and you are expected to continue using these skills and adding others as you start new units. Units in UAL are NOT standalone, they feed into each other and ripple out and interlink with everything you are doing. The first 4 units in year 1 are like your skeleton – they give you structure and a framework, units 5, 6 & 7 give you your muscles, ligaments and tendons so that you can begin to develop the flexibility needed to be a successful creative practitioner, unit 8 is the skin covering it all and your chance to show you can bring everything together. When you get to unit 9 in your second year you are expected to begin to clothe your body but you still need the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin – your clothes won’t stand up and do anything without them. You should be getting more and more thorough and immersive by this point in your training – more please, and your thoughts on it all.


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