Acting – 13.10.16

Today I was a little sidetracked because before this lesson my boyfriend had dislocated his knee and he was in a lot of pain and was dependent on me being there for him so I was a little late to class. Having warning Erica she was fine when I walked into the class 5 mins late.

When I got to the lesson everyone was talking about different topics for a Teaching in Education show. Including science, animals, plants, materials, maths, adding to 10, counting, subtracting, English, stories, people, emotions, history, the great depression, the great fire of London…etc.

We were told to pick one and devise a piece by the end of the lesson. We all chose ‘The Great Fire of London’ because we decided that we wanted to sing the ‘London’s Burning’ song so it would stick in the children’s minds. Due to copywrite I decided it would be best to use the tune but change the words to information that we found out previously.

Here is a picture of the facts that we picked up from Erica about the Fire:

So looking at the tune and changing the words, here is what I came up with for the words to sing:

London’s Burning, London’s Burning,

There’s no engines, There’s no engines,

Train Bands, Train Bands,

Get King Charles, Get King Charles

I thought this was a really good chorus considering I didn’t have much time to think of the words for this song.

We then decided that we would teach the children the normal ‘London’s Burning’ song in a workshop after our show. Then in our show we would sing the new version that I made up.

I then thought it would be a good idea if we did a rap to tell the story to the children. There were two in total that I came up with, with the help of Erica.

Here is what I came up with for the first part of the rap:

It’s the 2nd of September 1666. My name’s Thomas Farriener and a cake I did mix. I put it in the oven and it got very hot. Can anything bad happen? Surely not.

Here is what I came up with for the second part of the rap:

My name is Gretle, and I’m going to get pettles for my mums birthday card. But a flame flew out the fire and took a bad turn and the whole of the bakery started to burn.



One thought on “Acting – 13.10.16”

  1. Jess, I’m sure you didn’t mean to make this mistake “When I got to the lesson everyone was talking about different topics for a Teaching in Education show.” I’m sure you meant to write Theatre in Education show but try and check your work over so you don’t make errors like this.
    Has this session with Erica given you better insight into the commission you will be working on? What have you learnt through this session that you can take forward to this commission? What are some of the things required for this commission that you think will be quite easy and what are some of the things that you think might be a bit more challenging?


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