Choir – 11.10.16

Today was our last choir session with B before Paul comes back. I had a really sore throat so I could hardly sing. This was really frustrating for me because I wanted to be included in what we were doing and I felt really subtracted from the group.

Anyway, we started of with a full body warm up which for me was something that I didn’t want to do and so I only did it half-hearted which didn’t give me the benefit of the warm up before singing. We made sure that our body was relaxed and we got rid of unnecessary tension in our bodies before we started singing.

We started a new song from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. We didn’t have the sheet music for this song which I thought was better because people didn’t rely on looking at the music and thought more about the way they were standing, their breathing and their posture.


One thought on “Choir – 11.10.16”

  1. Jess, some good elements to this reflection on the session but avoid reflecting on the group unless it impacts on you and your experience / learning. Analyse more deeply as well in order to develop the ability to provide evidence that meets the higher standards. In this entry you say that you only did the warm up half- heartedly because your throat was sore but you don’t then reflect on how the session went for you – does holding back on the warm up then affect negatively your progress in the session? Does starting the session half-heartedly then mean you continue doing the rest of the session half-heartedly? is it better to rest a sore throat in order to recover more quickly or is it better to use it so you don’t lose it? Do you know the answer? Is this a reliable answer from someone with trusted knowledge or is it what you think or have heard from other students?


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