U12 Task 3b Work ‘in progress’ presentations & evaluation


Overall, considering that we only have 4 weeks left before our performances personally I feel as though we are on track. Especially the pieces that I am included in. For the first piece that I am in we talked about the dance choreography and because we have been working on the piece individually at the moment we caught up with what we have done. To have the chance to talk about what we have and haven’t done yet was useful. So by the end of the clip it was decided that we will arrange a meeting and work together on this piece. I will show Faye and Zoe both versions of the backing track for the song ‘angels and demons’ have I have found online. Zoe and Faye talked about what they thought for costume which used the contrast colours of black and white for good and evil. However, I do think that this doesn’t 100% work out because they are not as much split into good and bad, yet they are two characters who have had a bad experience with each other and so they are reacting to a certain situation and everyone reacts differently to situations. Lynn also commented making sure that the dancers made a story out of it whilst dancing so the audience would be able to follow allow with complete understanding. In terms of character research, I am well on my way to a complete and thought through character.

Poisoned Apple was the second piece that I presented with Tom, Sophia and Lucy. I really enjoy this piece and although this isn’t the piece that I have necessarily focused on, I have learnt all the lyrics and worked effectively around the different parts of the piece. For example, with Tom playing with us on stage I have tried to help look for the chords for guitar online but there actually isn’t any. So he is able to listen and come up with the chords for the whole song. Having already had a meeting with Lucy and Sophia, we discussed the idea that Tom was an ‘act’ on the stage and both Sophia and I are singing the song as a character song. This gives our piece a contrast and having Tom’s character be neutral and not intervene with us is something that I prefer as I think more in depth about it.

Emma and Lucy explained our progression as a group here and so it was nice to understand by their point of view how they believe it is going. He haven’t gone through it all together yet however we have had a group chat where we have been talking about the piece as a whole. We are arranging a backing track for it because it sounds ‘fake’ (as emma described it), we also need to have a meeting to talk about costume and choreography for all of our benefit but more so for the dancers. As for the staging we are going to do it in a way that the girls who have joined in from club will be intervening with the boys and there will be a follow spot on those who are singing sections of the song as solos so the audience can follow who is speaking without confusion. Lighting will include pinks and purples which will show the mood of the piece. As for the costume notes, we will be wearing the same as what we are beforehand. Lynn provided the idea that we could all be wearing the same costumes to have a part where we are all doing it together as a whole. I think that it would benefit the show a little more if we do this as a group act piece because we haven’t yet done one in the show at this point and I would mix it up a little and would be interesting to watch. Considering that those who buy the AA tickets in the theatre are sitting on those two tables so we are able to intervene and if we don’t have an opportunity to do so then what is the point in including that?

Hellfire. Scott, Leah and I talked about what we have done individually for this piece. Scott started by telling the group that he has learnt the lines of the song and asked Paul for a backing track. Due to the song being in such a low key, to find a way to fix this issue he has asked Paul to do the backing track with the key up a couple of tones. I spoke of how I have listened to the song multiple times and attempted choreography however have found it difficult because it’s not necessarily my forte style. I am more of a lyrical dancer and the song is pretty upbeat and not what I am used to. There was a great suggestion given by one of the tutors to have me dance (costume wise) in something that Scott has lustfully thought about me in. After all, I am dancing as he thinks about me. I am not physically there, only in his mind. There could be a transformation from where I am a perfectly normal girl in the club that turns into someone completely different, looking like Scott’s girlfriend/ex girlfriend/someone he loves. Creature of lust. I love this idea because it is different other ideas. As a whole, Scott and I are discussing our relationship to form this idea and put extra research behind it so it’s realistic.

Rebel by Alyssa Bonagura is the final piece that we are doing as a whole group and I really love the song. It isn’t something that is stereotypical but something that is subtle and has a meaning. Tom has decided to do some musical direction throughout this piece to include individuals who can play instruments to come up with our own band. We have to consider the technical elements that we won’t be able to have on the nights that we are performing because there is another show happening elsewhere and they have already booked them out. Tom made the decision that instead of the original plan including around 10 people with percussion and strings he wants to keep it simple and just include a piano, guitar and a little part for some drums. Arranging a meeting on Friday 28th April we will bring in our instruments and we’ll work on the music. Having thought about the technical side of things, if there is important elements missing that we need, we will be able to hire some out for our benefit.

Looking at the marketing side of things we are starting to manage this really well and have planned to promote the show in many different creative ways that will catch the eye. We are going to have many meetings to update each other on what is happening and soon we will have accomplished everything that would have wanted to complete by this week. As we had these meetings we allocated particular jobs to one another to make it easier for everyone rather than expecting one person to complete it all. Here is the clip of the meeting that we have had for the first meeting about marketing. I will link the other half when it has been uploaded to Facebook.


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