U9 Task 6 – Devising TIE Pieces & Workshop

After presenting our ideas we were next going to have a discussion with what we wanted to include and what we were going to discard. However, I was at hospital for the majority of the week that we were making decisions about this and so I didn’t really have an input in what we were going to do. So this discussion was recorded so that we would have a record of what would be happening. The videos are below:


They all discussed the ideas that they had come up with excluding mine because they couldn’t remember what my ideas were however they all discussed the pros and cons for each idea and then gave opinions as to which would work and which wouldn’t.

In the end, the decision was made that we would be using Sian and Tom’s idea but use a combination of the two to create our own idea. As a group, we decided that we wouldn’t use the ‘game show’ strategy. I agree with this because I think it would be too confusing for the audience as they are only little and will want to watch something entertaining and something that they would be able to interact with. The story adapted rapidly however it took a very long time to come up with the storyline that made sense and something that would have the children excited about.

On the Tuesday morning ( 08.11.16) they spoke to Paul about the idea that they came up with. Erica joined the lesson halfway through to come up with other ideas that we could include. We originally thought about using a magical suitcase that could be used to teach languages as well. However the issue with this is that none of us know any other languages and it doesn’t seem right to teach something that you have no idea about. So the idea that we confirmed as a group that we would be using is an idea of a “Quest Journey” and we will be looking at different landmarks that are missing from photographs. They decided that music would influence the place that we are visiting, this includes mimicking the styles.

They then came up with 6 places where they thought would be best to look into:

  1. USA – Statue of Liberty
  2. FRANCE – Eiffel Tower
  3. EYGPT – Pyramids
  4. AUSTRAILIA – Sydney Opera House
  5. INDIA – Taj Mahal
  6. BRAZIL – Christ the redeemer

My group decided that they thought 6 places was too much and so they chose to cut it down to at least 4 places. There was a lot of conflict between keeping the USA in or taking it out. In the end we decided to keep it in due to the history and the fact that it was easier to imitate the music style. This is what was decided after a long time of persuasion and thinking:

  1. USA – The Statue of Liberty
  2. FRANCE – Eiffel Tower
  3. EYGPT – Pyramids

I think this is a good choice and I think that our piece is really coming together and I think it we all work together and sort things out like adults, our piece will be the best out of everyone’s, not only the final product but the teamwork and the responsibilities that we will take on board.

Later, during the commission lesson they discussed the storyline that would best suit our topic and what we would be doing for our project. They thought about song ideas, set, and character ideas, instruments that people could play and looked at the level that each person could play them at. Here are the pictures that were taken of the written ideas so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This picture shows the ideas that we have as a whole group, this includes all the aspects of a show and what we had discussed previously.

So here is what the idea that we have come up with is;

Basically there are two genies, one good and one bad. There are also three children (taken from Alvin and the Chipmunks – the characterisation is similar) they are going to the museum and the good genie is disguised as a Tour Guide and is telling the children how much he loves three of the paintings inside. When he goes to show the children the painting they have vanished and only the silhouettes are left. (We were thinking about starting the scene with the bad genie taking the pictures but we didn’t know whether or not that would be necessary) Anyway, then the quest begins and they have to climb through the magical doorway to find the picture and each time they walk into the door they are at a different location and there is a new song to be sung. After they learn some information about these places and sing the song they magically find the missing picture and take it back to the museum to the genie who puts it back into place. This continues three times round to make sure they go to all of the places that we have researched and have decided to do.

I’m not quite sure what happens after they find the pictures but I think that at the beginning, if they were to do a scene with the bad genie I think that the genies and the children should walk onto stage at the same time but ‘just miss each other’ so they could all turn at once as the bad genie turns the other way.

On the Thursday (10.11.16) they had a lesson with Erica and in that lesson they talked more about their idea in detail. Scott came up with the idea of a ‘bad genie’ to distinguish where the photographs had gone rather than going to look for the photos and they just ‘vanished’. We want to make it a little more realistic so that the audience can follow the storyline. Sian spoke about having hooks at the back of the doors so that we can put extra costumes there so that we can have quick changes for Tom who will be the good genie and the tour guide.

They then confirmed who would be who and here is the final decision:


I was okay with the characters because I think we can take the challenges on board and adapt to the characters that we have been given and perform with all our might and energy. I am really excited about this and I cannot wait until I am able to perform for the little ones.



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