Advanced Time Step

Scary dance piece


Improvising sections of dance


Today we started at 9:00am doing a intense warm up. We made sure that all of our body was warmed up and stretched so that we wouldn’t injure ourselves in the dances that we were soon to learn. As it was the first day back, I struggled to keep up with everyone when we were doing the intense squats, leg work out…etc. Although, due to stretching throughout the holiday I think it has really helped me to stay in a flexibility state that I feel comfortable and confident with. After warming up and stretching, we looked at a dance that Sarah had choreographed for us to perform in the Dance Show 2017. I was so excited when I found out that we were doing some pieces as Year 2 Musical Theatre students. I think it will help us work as a team and understand each others strengths and weaknesses and help each other through it all.

Before we learnt the dance we did leaps and kicks in groups of 3 and individually. I think I did well and I have definitely achieved more than I ever could last year. In the right leg split leap, I have to make sure that I raise my back leg up because otherwise the leap is slanted and isn’t as professional as I want it to look.

Learning the choreographed piece was really encouraging, after a year working with Jessica Barber it has helped me pick up pieces quickly and efficiently. I will link a video of the dance piece below. However I will also write a list of what happens in the order that they come in.

  • Firstly, arabesque jump on right leg. Lifting both arms up
  • Secondly, as you come down on your left leg from the jump turn so that you can go into a sitting position on the floor with knees brought up.
  • Then do a Jazz Split on left leg with arms raised.
  • Next, ‘fall’ onto square arms on the floor and turn so that you are onto one knee.
  • On the one knee, reach with opposite arms and present prettily
  • Turn a full circle with both knees on the floor and then change legs to stand.


Today and tomorrow we are spending time doing the ‘Chair Duets Challenge’ which is from the Frantic Assembly. I am partners with Sian and Hannah which will be interesting because I have never worked with either of them before. We discussed location, costume, make-up, hair, music, themes and we were efficient with everything that we were doing. We created a group chat to make sure that none of us would forget what we were doing and to post the videos and things up that we didn’t all have. Here is what we finalised for the performance tomorrow:

  • Costume – White top, Black Leggings and Black socks
  • Hairstyle – Half up, half down
  • Makeup – Natural
  • Theme – Bullying? Friendships?
  • Location – Behind Debenhams where the stone seats are
  • Music – Track number two on the website


Today we went through our dance/choreography around 10 more times to make sure that we could remember everything and so that we knew that it looked smooth and didn’t look as though we didn’t know the moves and how they linked together. We also made sure that we all had what we needed.

  1. Hairbrush and Hairband
  2. White Top
  3. Black Leggings
  4. Black Socks
  5. Makeup
  6. Music/ Track no2

We all took responsibility of our own items and made sure to bring everything in. After we looked over what we were about to perform we made sure that we knew what we were recording it on. As we all have iPhone’s it didn’t matter who’s we used because they would be the same quality. We wanted to have Leah Sanders record for us, but in the end she was with another group and we set up our bags and used that as a tripod and it worked well. We went through it 6 times before it was perfect. We have decided that we want to speed up the video by 1.5 just so it looks different from other’s and more effective. We are going to mute the video and then re-do the sound/music so that we don’t have the background noise because there was a man cleaning the paths on a really noisy vehicle. We could have moved but we stayed and worked around the noise because we liked the scenery and it worked really well with the marble/stone seats.

Here are the videos that we took. The first one is the first video recording that we took after just choreographing the piece. The second one shows us today going through the piece 3 times with an ending position. The third one is our performance with scenery without editing. The fourth and final recording is our performance edited.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:


Number 4:



Today we had a warm up just before we started dancing which I thought was better planned out because we usually have a 15 minute break after warm up and we cool down before we start dancing.

To start with we looked at stretching. We did a few movements and core exercises that seemed to help us when we were looking at our dance pieces. Flexibility is a strength that many of my classmates lack, however for me I feel that I lack core strength, whereas my classmates have strong cores.

We looked at pirouettes on each leg and we did leaps to warm up or legs. We then revisited the ‘fear’ dance that we are doing with all year 2 MT’s and Dancers for the Dance Show in Summer. We started the dance two weeks a go and I think we all did really well to come back and remembered it as well as we all did. After we looked at the dance we made sure that we knew what music we wanted to do it to.




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