20.09.16  choir lesson with Paul.

Today we warmed up like we usually do with Paul which is my favourite time of the day because I know that with his technique my voice will be fully warmed up. So to warm up we did a few different warm up games/songs today. We did ‘1-5’ song which I really struggled with. We did ‘zubadububadubdubdubdub…’ and we did the song that we used to sing with the old year 2’s last year.

We then looked at the choir music that we looked at 2 weeks a go. Considering that we haven’t had another session on the song since the first time we learnt it, I think we all sound really good together. I did have a recording of the progress but my phone didn’t save the sound record so I don’t have it unfortunately.

I really enjoyed singing with the whole group. We stood in a circle and whilst making our ‘creak’ voice we walked around and pat each other on the back to get rid of the mucus and the disgusting stuff still in our bodies in the morning. We then looked at the song ‘Ease on down the road’ and considering that we haven’t done it for 2 weeks, he have done really well to keep going over it and learning our parts. We learnt up to page 9 of the song. There are a total of 15 pages of the whole song so overall learning  2 fifths of the song in 2 hours total is impressive. We finished on a high note and Paul seemed to be impressed with what we have achieved and so we left, knowing that we have to bring the sheet music ready for the next lesson that we have with him.