Practical Lesson – 30.11.16

Today we thought about the chorus and verses that we could use for the next place we are going which is ‘France’. We looked up different types of French music and Tom played the guitar with chords that he thought would sound best. We all agreed in the end that there should be an introduction section which could help clarify the French atmosphere.

I prefer the second video because its clearer to how the French play the guitar, I think personally.

I think that as a whole we have done really well as a group. All we need to do is block the story, finish the songs and learn the lines but considering we are all really quick to learn and work well as a team I think that we should be on track by the time our assignment is in on Thursday 8th December.


One thought on “Practical Lesson – 30.11.16”

  1. Jess, this really isn’t thorough enough if you want to be providing evidence above the Pass standard. You must record everything in great detail. A way of developing this entry would have been to have posted a video of Tom trying out ‘a French style’ of playing guitar and commenting on this. you could also make notes on meetings that your group has so we can understand the process and thinking behind the decisions which end up getting made. Some decisions might be practical and some might be creative and you need to be able to identify those. Be clear about where you are on the overall task (which is to devise and bring to performance readiness a TiE piece to tour in mid-February) this entry might make it seem that tutors are expecting the final performance rather than a rehearsed reading which has been planned so that you can try out your draft script, get feedback and then have a clearer idea about how it needs to develop. Try and always consider the wood AND individual trees – that will help you reach the higher grades.


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